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good morning, breaking news -- a passenger jet carrying 90 people has crashed into the mediterranean sea off the coast of lebanon. this morning, rescue crews are on the scene, but so far, no sign of survivors. back to basics -- after a brutal week of setbacks, president obama hopes to regain lost ground as he prepares for wednesday's state of the union address. what can he say to get his agenda back on track? and behind closed doors -- a detailed new account of what led up to tiger woods' infamous crason thanksgiving night. a side of the scandal you have never heard before today, a side of the scandal you have never heard before today, monday, january 25th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and welcome to "today" on this monday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm ann curry for matt this morning. there's a frantic search under way at this hour at the site off the coast of lethbridge fon where the deadly crash happened, an eth openian airlines plane. >> the plane went down overnight with with 90 people on board. there were reports of strong thunderstorms in the area at the time of the crash. so far, lebanese authorities don't suspect terrorism. and also ahead, we'll talk about two new arrests, whether they'll lead to answers in the mysterious disappearance of haleigh cummings. she was just five years old when she vanished from her father's home last february, hours after his girlfriend at the time, put haleigh to bed. now that woman and haleigh's father are both in jail. we'll get the latest and talk to haleigh's grandmother about this
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case. plus on a lighter note, do your co-workers get on your nerves? >> what are you implying? >> it's not you, it's matt lauer. you know it's not always easy to get along with everyone you work with. we'll take you behind the scenes here on "today" to see what bugs people who work here the most. let's begin with a vital week for president obama, which begins with his first state of the union address. chuck todd is with us at the white house. >> reporter: with the state of the union looming on wednesday, the president is trying to regain his political footing after a devastating week of setbacks, which began with the populace revolt in massachusetts and the republican victory there. in fact, washington so shaken up that ben bernanke's bid for second term as fed chair is now in jeopardy. after one of the toughest weeks of his presidency, president obama is still on political defense. his latest challenge? getting federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke, confirmed for a second term.
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>> president obama checked in with the leadership over the weekend and he heard from senator reid, that there's a lot of support for ben bernanke. we're confident that the chairman will be confirmed. >> reporter: but the senate democrats' top vote counter said it's not a done deal and the president will need a significant chunk of republican senators for the 60 votes needed to avoid a filibuster. >> i still have unanswered questions and many colleagues do. we will need republican support. >> reporr: senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell with david gregory on "meet the press" refused to say if he supported bernanke. >> do you have concerns about his nomination. >> i think he'll be reconfirmed. >> do you have concerns about his nomination? >> some of my members do, but i think he'll be concerned. >> reporter: mr. obama is prying to ease concerns in his own party about this fall's mid-term elections by bringing back an old hand. >> the unsung hero of this campaign -- >> reporter: his former campaign manager, david pluff. his task?
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supervise democrat senate house races. and serve as an early warning system for the white house. avoiding any more surprises like the upset victory of republican scott brown in massachusetts. and the president is sharpening his populace rhetoric ahead of wednesday's state of the union address. >> i will not stop fighting for you. >> i'll never stop fighting to make sure that the most powerful voice in washington belongs to you. >> reporter: his advisers say the message isn't new. he is simply getting back to basics. >> in washington people look for signs, cues for their script to say, oh, you know, here's obama, 2.0. this is obama, this is the obama who ranor president. >> reporter: it appears for now the addition of pluff into the political team officially is the only quote-unquote shakeup you're going to see for now. as for bernanke, everybody thinks the votes are there but nobody wants to say it publicly. which is why this has been such a tricky operation for the white
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house to deal with this week of all weeks, meredith? chuck todd, thank you so much. howard fineman is "newsweek's" washington columnist, howard, good morning to you. hi. >> as chuck said the white house is not trying to reinvent the wheel. but the addition of david pluff, does that suggest that the white house is worried about the elections come fall? >> there's no question. talking to democrats over the weekend from the senate and the house, they're furious with the white house. they have their own problems politically. that are their fault. but they're blaming the white house for being asleep at the switch in massachusetts and they pretty much demanded this. the white house is responding. interestingly, david pluff is not coming full-time into the white house. easing working on the grassroots campaigns, but there's still a white house structure in place, i see that becoming a problem. >> why? >> i think it's going to be a question of who's careerly in charge. rahm emanual is chief of staff. you didn't see rahm emanual on the weekend show, jim mussina is
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in charge of weekend plufs. who is in charge of politics? is it david pluff? >> advised democrats on 2010. he ends it by saying --ouffes. who is in charge of politics? is it david pluff? >> advised democrats on 2010. he ends it by saying -- >> are we going to see a more combative style from the democrats? and how might that translate into specific law-making, beginning with health care reform? >> well that's all about barack obama. david plouffe is a nuts-and-bolts guy and he was a brilliant one during the campaign. but the democrats i talked to say while obama was a great campaigner, he hasn't totally learned how to be president yet. that means exercising his power inside the beltway and around the country, building public support for his initiatives here. that's what he's got to do in the state of the union. and when plouffe is talking about guts, he's ultimately talking about the president of the united states. >> well the president spent the
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past few days adopting this very popular tone. others think it feels a little contrived to them. what's your take on it, howard? >> my take on it is that barack obama is both. he's a very cerebl guy, he was a law professor. but he worked as a community organizer onhe south side of chicago. there are two parts to obama. he's tried to use his intellect for the public good. what he's got to be now is the community organizer of old if he's going to win back his popularity with the american people and with his own democratic base. >> and what about the independents themselves? he's in office largely because of their support and now they seem to be abandoning the democratic party in droves. >> i think he's aware of that. from reporting i've done around the white house, he decided long ago that this state of the union coming up this week, he was going to give a pause to the american people in terms of big programs, i think he's aware of the fact that the combination of the auto bailout, the stimulus,
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the ba bailout, all that big government was too much for independent voters, who are concerned about the deficit. he was aware of that long ago and i think you're going to hear a lot of notes of that in the state of the union. he's got to reassure independents and his own base, but that's the trick he's got to pull off wednesday night. >> the confirmation of ben bernanke, why all the drama? >> they've got to blame something here in washington and bernanke seems to be the guy. he was a bush appointee. he didn't foresee the big housing bubble coming, or didn't say so. that's why he's having trouble being confirmed. but ultimately the republicans would prefer him, because after all, he was a bush appointee originally, to somebody else obama might pick. so i think in the end ironically, it's going to be the republicans who are probably going to save that nomination. >> howard fineman, as always, thank you so much for your perspective. >> thank you, meredith. it's 7:08, here's ann. >> wall street looks to rebound this morning after its worst week in almost a year.
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investors appear worried about earnings, new worries about the obama administration. hear to talk about it is jim cramer host of cnbc's "mad money." the dow lost 4.1% last week. is it a bump in the road or indicator of something more foreboding? >> i think it was just a bump in the road. there was tremendous uncertainty. largely because people felt ben bernanke may not be reapproved. he is a friend of the stock market. >> you're talking about what the president talked in in terms of taking on the banks last week. he introduced what he called the voeckler rule. banks will no longer be able to own equity funds. unrelated to serving their customers. why did it make wall street so nervous? >> the companies most profitable, jk morgan, goldman sachs, were doing some of this. people felt fab if they showed restraint in pay and pid the
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banks in tax they'd be off the radar screen. >> it probably didn't help that it came as a surprise, even to the president's own party. >> it was a total shock. i don't think anyone saw it coming. even his own advisers didn't see it coming. >> the press is going to have to be having his state of the union address. talking about economy and jobs. what do you think wall street and main street will be watching for? >> they'd like to hear that there could be more jobs created. i think there's still a lot of anger at wall street. it's a pinata. it's easy to beat up on. >> ben bernanke, i don't know if there's a bigger pinata right now going on. the guy was on friday not going to be getting a nomination, that was in jeopardy. on saturday, the who us was working hard to secure key support. now we're hearing it's still not a sure bet. but we heard from howard fineman that it probably will be the republicans who save him in the end. the reality is that this guy is given credit for ateast helping to save this country from going into a depression from a recession. how did he become so unpopular
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and what would happen if he was not confirmed. >> he was man of the year about a month ago. now he's goat of the year. no one can figure out how this transformation occurred. he's main street's friend. he's not a friend of wall street. i think he gets in. sure, the market would get hit if he didn't get in because of the uncertainty. but this took everyone by surprise, he's a good man. >> he's being blamed by many in the public, there's a lot of anger towards him because of the bank bailouts and also because of unemployment. >> he kept us out of the financial stone age. i do not understand why he is the target. >> is there a chance he won't be confirmed. >> i think very unlikely. i think entitle end people recognize he's one of the gd guys who solved the problem. not one of the people who caused the problem. >> if that's the assumption, the market would not like it if he's not confirmed. also this morning a lot of people on wall street are jets fans. the jets lost last night. >> i would i have give -- >> is that going to affect the market today? >> psychologically, when the jets lost, i know there was a feeling, how bad can it really
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get? sometimes bernanke can trump that. >> it sounds like wall street actually needs a lot of happy pills this morning. jim cramer, thank you so much. you can catch "mad money" week nights at 6:00 and 11:00 on cnbc. now a check of the rhett of the morning's top stories from natalie morales. good morning, everyone. officials in lebanon think weather may have been a factor in the deadly plane crash this morning. an ethiopian airlines 737 with 90 people on board had just taken off from beirut when it crashed in flames into the mediterranean sea. search teams are scouring the area. they found debris from the plane, as well as bodies. the plane had been flying to ethiopia in stormy weather. osama bin laden in a new audio tape is speaking out about the attempted christmas day attack on a u.s. plane bound to detroit. nbc's jim miklaszewski is 24 detroit with more. >> reporter: one month after the botched suicide bomb attempt, bin laden is now threatening
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that more attempted attacks against u.s. targets may be on the way. in the one-minute audio tape, osama bin laden took credit for the failed christmas day suicide bomb attempt over detroit. talking directly to president obama, bin laden threatened there would be more such attacks, against the u.s. dropped its support for israel against the palestinians. white house officials quickly fired back. >> he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist that will someday hopefully soon be brought to justice. >> reporter: u.s. counterterrorism officials tell nbc news it's unlikely that bin laden himself had any direct role in the christmas day operation, which was carried out by al qaeda in yemen. >> what they did object christmas day shocked many people in the united states government. >> reporter: even as bin laden has been forced into hiding, al qaeda affiliates are stepping up to take over his terrorist campaign. and whether bin laden has a
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direct role or not, u.s. counterterrorism officials say that al qaeda in yemen appears more determined than ever to attack the u. despite those threats, however, recent intelligence appears to indicate that nothing is imminent, at least for now. natalie? >> jim miklaszewski reporting in kabul. thank you, jim. today officials from around the world meet in montreal on the relief efforts for earthquake victims in haiti. nbc's michelle kosinski is in port-au-prince this morning. >> reporter: we all knew the day would come when there was not someone rescued from the devastation here. and that day was yesterday. it's been so difficult to accept that this has now entered a phase of recoverying the victims. what the jolting earth did not profoundly bring down in port-au-prince, heavy equipment now must move away. and hope of finding survivors has faded here. in the hotel montana, the
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legendary refuge from turmoil now shelters only the missing. including six members of a team from lynn university in florida. some of the family visited this weekend, including the parents of britney gengle. >> we are preparing ourselves for the worst and praying for a miracle. >> reporter: a wrenching imbalance of hope, and pain. friends have been helping eric nimen search for his fiancée. >> no closure unless i can find a body. it's almost impossible to do anything. i've never seen anything like it before. >> the last known breathtaking rescue was saturday. this man was pulled from a convenience store. he says he survived 11 days drinking coca-cola and beer. and eating snacks. and as those incredible svival stories fade, it is the day-to-day that everyone here will be a part of from now on. and each day, food and water
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distribution continues. it's also expected about a million people will leave the capital for the country side. estimated now that about a fifth of that number already have. natalie? >> michelle kosinski with excellent reporting in port-au-prince, thank you. it will be the new orleans saints and indianapolis colts in the super bowl. on sunday, the colts beat the new york jets 30--17 in the afc championship game. and the saints beat the vikings 31-28 on a 40-yard field goal in overtime, that is the colts second trip to the super bowl in four years and the first ever for new orleans. as you heard, a lot of jets fans and vikings fans heartbroken this morning but great games overall. it was really fun to watch. >> and you heard me predict that on friday. >> you know a lot about football. exactly. >> i set the jets and vikings would play in the super bowl. and -- oh. [ laughter ] >> no. >> this close, thi close.
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>> meantime, al is still recovering from the game. as is nat. but stephanie is in. >> good to see you guys again. >> let's talk about all the rain in the northeast. mother nature is wringing out a sponge, there's a flood threat everywhere from the northeast to the southeast. very heavy rainfall anywhere from the carolinas into new england. this will continue as we head through the day today. otherwise, in the back sid good morning, getting some heavy rain in eastern washington county and southern ann arundel county. another band of some very heavy rain from washington county, maryland right along the blue ridge right along to near hair harrisonberg. we do have flooding in culpepper county through midday.
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meredith, over to you. the prosecutor who won a murder conviction against american student, amanda knox has been convicted ofbusing his office. could have that have an impact on the knox case. nbc's stephanie gos has the latest. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: this is a case of the prosecutor winding up being prosecuted himself. he led the murder trial against amanda knox that ended last month with a guilty verdict. now a court in florence has found menini guilty of abuse of office dufrg a separate case. menini has been sentenced to 16 months in jail for illegally tapping phones while investigating a serial killer in the late '90s. the verdict was repeatedly delayed while he argued the murder case against amanda knox. the prosecutor turned defendant was shocked by the conviction and says he will appeal. >> translator: i was only partially found guilty.
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the sentence is not consistent with the charges. >> reporter: for amanda knox's family. mignini's conviction is welcome news. >> i guess i felt vindicated, we we've been saying all along that things were done incorrectly. >> reporter: knox and her parents insist she did not murder her roommate in what the prosecution described as a drug-fuelled sex game. they accuse the prosecution and mignini of mishandling the prosecution. amanda and her ex-boyfriend have spent two years in an institution. >> she told us this morning she had a rough week where she was really down and really scared. but she's picked herself back up and is studying and trying to stay positive. >> reporter: knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. but faces even more time if she is found guilty of a separate charge of slander. during the murder trial, the 22-year-old accused police of mistreating her. an accusation the police deny. her parents face a similar charge for repeating the claims
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to a british newspaper. no court date has been set for either trial. in the italian legal system, even though mignini has been found guilty of abusing his office, he doesn't have to start serving his prison sentence and he can continue to work while the appeals process goes forward. in something amanda knox's mother told us she simply does not understand. meredith? >> stephanie gosk, thank you so much. just ahead, what really happened between tiger woods and his wife last thanksgiving night. an inside account and the most detailed so far. but first, this is "today" o
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just ahead, a rare inside look on the dangers and secretive work of navy s.e.a.l.s, wait until you see what it takes to be a member. and the biggest office pet peeves.
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and that's what's happeng in your neck of the woods. >> hey, al, they need you out on the plaza.
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7:26 is your time now on this monday january 25, 2010. in the news4 today, a stormy morning that's causing some damage around our area. this video comes from potomac, maryland where crews had to come and take care of a power pole that came down in the road. there are about 5,000 customers without power this morning. dominion electric says there's about 12,000 people without power in northern virginia. tom, good morning. >> yes, we have had winds gustsing to nearly 50 miles an hour causing these power outages. also some moderate to heavy rain causing some flooding. there's another band here that's developing and getting a little
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heavier. that is pulling out of the shenandoah valley perhaps moving into the metro arpart of their area in another hour. >> we'll che
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good morning, everyone, it's believe it or not relatively calm along most of the interstates this morning despite the weather. 95 is okay. we are heavy and slow along 295,
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but accident free.
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7:30 on this monday morning, january 25th, 2010. plenty of rain here in new york, wind. but the temperature will reach the mid 50s. we're going to go outside and say hello to our friends on the plaza in just a bit. i'm meredith vieira, alongside ann curry, filling in for matt this morning. ever since the infamous thanksgiving day accident that triggered the whole tiger woods scandal, people have been wondering what really happened that night. an inside account, including what his wife did to contact one of woods secret mistresses. an investigative reporter will share more. and also ahead, what
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happened to haleigh cummings, the florida girl who vanished from her father's home nearly a year ago. as her father's then-girlfriend slept and he was at work. both of them have now been arrested. and police hope that will lead to new clues into haleigh's disappearance. we'll talk to her grandmother exclusively coming up. plus, what do barry manilow and ozzie osbourne have in chon? >> they're on our show. >> we're looking forward to hearing from each of them later on. we'll begin this half hour with tiger woods' sex scandal. a detail account of what led up to his thanksgiving day accident. >> reporter: this one doesn't go away, does it? this is the question everyone wanted answers to. what happened in those final days to set off the firestorm that took down a tiger? this new report fromhe "daily beast" website reveals its account from the thanksgiving night, explaining exactly how wiger woods' wife, elin nordegr nordegren, found out abouter
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husband's alleged affair. this new report details what allegedly happened in the final hours before tiger woods crashed his suv outside his exclusive florida home and watched his perfectly manicured image come crashing down. >> you couldn't make this up. because it's only in real life that turns out to be this good. >> reporter: investigative report gerald posner of the "daily beast" says his information comes from two sources. both of them friends of tiger's wife, elin nordegren. he reports on november 25th, the day before thanksgiving, tiger woods knew a tabloid was about to publish a story about his relationship with nightclub promoter, rachel uchitel. so, according to the reporter, tiger made a preemptive strike to protect his marriage. he told his wife that uchitel. and to prove it, according to posner, woods put his wife on the phone with uchitel. >> that call was what i call a brave call by tigerwoods. i mean, to have the person that
7:33 am
you're having an affair with, call your wife, and deny it to her, speak to her for half an hour. convince her that it's not true. you're taking the -- the ultimate gamble here in some ways. and for one day at least, it paid off. >> reporter: but that next day, november 26th, thanksgiving, posner said elin found out more details about her husband's affairs. >> as elin learned about that, she became suspicious again. on the night of the 26th, they had an argument. that argument didn't get out of control, but became nasty enough that tiger sort of just threw in the towel and said, i'm going to sleep. >> reporter: the "daily beast" reports that tiger took ambien to fall asleep and posner said that's when elin took matters and tiger's phone into her own hands. >> she decided to text rachel to test her to see if in fact she was tiger's lover or just an
7:34 am
innocent friend. rachel, when receiving those texts, evidently sent texts back, somewhat surprised that tiger is awake. which immediately tells elin that tiger and rachel had spoke earlier that night, because rachel knew that eyeing tiger was going to sleep. >> reporter: posner reports that elin chased fieger out of his home. unleashing a series of tabloid headlines and one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the last year. nbc news has not independently confirmed the report. their article said that elin nordegren has not decided what she's going to do about her marriage. rachel uchitel's lawyer would not respond to the website for its report. >> peter alexander, thank you, and we're joined now by gerald posner, good morning to you. gerald, so many details provided by your sources. let's start with the phone call the night before thanksgiving between elin and one of tiger's mistresses rachel uchitel that
7:35 am
he orchestrated, he got them to talk on the phone together. you call that a brave call. was it the act of a desperate man? or someone who thought he could get away with this? >> i thought it was somebody who thought he could get away with it. we didn't know at the time, we now know, that tiger essentially was a single man who got married, had children, but decide dodd keep up his single lifestyle. and he had gotten brazen or the time. he had a dozen, 13, 14 affairs. so much so, that he thought when the "national enquirer" was about to run the story, that he could get away with it. the reason i think he also stepped in and had rachel uchitel call his wife is the difference with rachel uchitel was, she was the only one of the women that he had affairs with that he actually fell for. that i think she was probably in love with. she's not 23 years old, she was an entrepreneur from vegas, earning half a million dollar as year at her height. this was the one that he actually wanted to save. he took the gamble of having her
7:36 am
call hiswife. and for a day, as i said, elin believed they were just friends. >> the next day on thanksgiving she starts to get suspicious again. she confronts tiger. they start bickering. he takes the ambien, goes to bed and she starts to look at the text messages on his phone. she finds one sent to rachel from him saying, you are the only one i've loved. what impact do you think those words had on her? particularly the word, "loved"? >> i think that was crushing. talk to elin's friends, if there was one text message that turned it around for her, it was that there are two things about it. first of all it's one thing to havor husband having an affair on the side. if you think it's just about sex. it's another thing when the emotional attachment and you see a text message like that. and what this tells me? this entire episode that night, is that tiger woods did not know his own wife. he greatly underestimated her. he thought he was able to take a pill and go to sleep. leave his cell phone out with rachel uchitel's number listed
7:37 am
under her name. and he didn't think she would do something about it. >> not only did she check it, she's texting raichnd and calls rachel and confronts her and wakes up tiger. what do your sources say happened after that in terms of the physical fight that ensued. >> what happens is that tiger makes it worse. when he's woken up, he's a little doozy, out of it from the ambien pill that he took. but instead of saying immediately, i'm sorry. this is a terrible thing, let me tell you the truth. he locks him sfrlg in the bathroom for a few minutes. when he comes out, elin manages to grab his cell phone from him and he is actually sent a text message off to rachel uchite will saying in essence, she knows, i'm packing and a divorce could be imminent. well at that point, elin absolutely loses it. as say, out of the swedish girl comes the viking and she starts pummelling him with her fistsed on chest and arms and grabs the golf club. tiger runs out of there in his
7:38 am
bare feet into the car and she's chasing him. >> after the accident, tiger woods said those rear windows of car were broken by elin in an attempt to save him, to pull him out, to rescue him. what do your sources tell you about what really happened. >> the nobody that i talked to knows whether the windows were broken as he was driving out of the driveway or they were broken when he actually stopped after hitting the hydrant and the tree. but one thing is clear, that the only honorable thing tiger woods did that night was lie to the police about what happened. he clearly told them that elin was trying to pull him out of the car. that wasn't the case. i mean, he wanted to make sure that she was not subject to any type of you know, battery charge. that they weren't going to charge her. so he did stand up for her at that point. at is interesting is she was so mad with him, that when he was released from the hospital hours earlier, before the national press came in, about 90 minutes before the trucks got there and the national press carom in, instead of returning to his house, she said, i don't want you here. he actually went to an undisclosed location. i can't find out where. but he did not go home.
7:39 am
so when the florida highway patrol wanted to interview him in the coming days and she said, by the way, he's not available. one time she told him he was asleep. i don't believe he was even at the house. >> do you know how badly she beat him up? >> you know, i've asked that. i asked whether, both of these are friends of elin, they know her well. did he have a chipped tooth? they didn't know. did he have a cut on his face? they didn't know. so all of was able to get was as much information as they had. but i don't know if in fact he had enough that that's one of the reasons he wasn't able to appear before a camera. >> peter alexander said that rachel uchitel's lawyer refused to speak with you at this point. what about elin's lawyer? have y had any conversation with him or her? >> as a matter of fact, no conversation with elin's lawyer, he also did not return a call. but i know from talking to her frentds, that he's advised her of two things so far. which is that if she does seek a divorce, even though she has a prenup. she could end up with over $100 million and custody of their two
7:40 am
children. and gloria allread, who is rachel uchitel's lawyer, sent me an email saying no comment. she did respond, but the answer was, no comment. >> are elin's friends, the two that were your sources, are they saying to you that they believe there will be a divorce here? >> based upon my talks with them, meredith, i'll be very surprised. she's going to wait for him to go through this rehab that he's going through. wherever he is. she's going to give it a little bit of time. if she stays, it could only be for the children. but otherwise, i expect her to leave. >> all ght, gerald posner, chief investigative reporter for "the dailybeast" fascinating stuff. now a check of the weather from stephanie abrams, in for al. today's weather is brought to you by advil's cold and sinus. ask for it at t pharmacy counr. no umbrella, no sleep, no problem if you're a saints fan. i think that mother nature might
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be a jets or a vikings fan as the rain is coming down here in the northeast. it's coming down in the west. showers will be anywhere from the northwest all the way down into san francisco. eventually into los angeles. also, snow into the higher elevations, great news in the sierras. check that out. as we head through the good morning. radar over the las hour showing moderate to heavy rain passing southeast of washington and another band that's farther to the west and northwest. this is a band of locally heavy rain, it may be moving into frederick county shortly. temperatures are around 60 degrees here, it will be turning cooler throughout the day as the rain tapers off and ends. 30s today, mid 40s tomorrow. meredith, over to you. stephanie, thank you. and still to come from the loud
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ere the cube next to you, to someone else's smelly lunch, we'll tackle those office aggravations we all feel. but first, these messages.
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back now at 7:44, kicking off special series we call "silent warriors." an inside revealing look at the u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s and their secretive and dangerous work. nbs's chris jansing is here with more. >> reporter: you know the navy s.e.a.l.s have this almost mythical, james bond-like reputation. they pride themselves on keeping a low profile. over the last six months, we were gen amazing access to active s.e.a.l.s and their training bases. we wanted to find out what makes these guys tick. this morning, a look at their pursuit of extreme fitness. and suffice it to say, s.e.a.l. train something not for the faint of heart. >> everyone pulls their own weight. >> reporter: it's only day two
7:45 am
of s.e.a.l. training and you can see the exhaustion, feel the intensity of what's known here as extreme fitness. >> it's always hard. you work harder than the next man. >> reporter: it's extraordinarily comprehensive training. because to become a s.e.a.l., you have to do it all. from shooting high-tech weapons to hand-to-hand combat. from underwater dep demolition, to parachuting into war zones. extreme fitness is absolutely critical to pulling it off. >> it's all about feeling comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. and still being able to pay attention to those details that can get you killed. >> reporter: coronado, california, is ground zero for whipping s.e.a.l. candidates into the best shape of their lives. at the notoriously s.e.a.l. training camp called buds. >> you don't know how far you can be pushed or how far youe capable of going until you get through of this. >> reporter: think two hours of boat training in cold water is hard? the day is just getting started.
7:46 am
>> come on, guys! keep it up! >> reporter: how about another two hours, carrying 200-pound logs or inflatable raftings. even to get fed, they have to run. six miles a day, back and forth, to the chow hall. almost every s.e.a.l. candidate has been a successful high school, college or even olympic athlete. that means that their skills and strengths are often sport-specific. so they're trying to push them to a new level of fitness at every level of training. class number 280 started with 117 candidates. already, by day three, 19 went d.o.r. dropped on request and turned in their helmets. typically, only 25 or 25% will make it through and buds is just a taste of what it means to be a s.e.a.l. >> every one of them will probably be colder than will probably seem wetter,ore tired and more miserable than they experienced through training. >> reporter: veterans s.e.a.l.s och play as hard as they work.
7:47 am
>> my thing right now is ironmans. >> reporter: endurance sports are a s.e.a.l.'s idea of fun, from ultramarathons to triathalons to entire teams of competitive mountain bikers. >> you can call it an occupation, but it's certainly a way of life. >> reporter: a way of life that starts with an extraordinary ability to ignore pain, exhaustion, cold water. it may be hard to believe after watching that, but s.e.a.l. instructors will tell you that most recruits don't drop out because they aren't fit enough, but because they can't take the pressure. so navy psychologists have been studying the science of mental toughness and sharing their research with u.s. olympic coaches and athletes. i'll have that part of the story tomorrow. >> i get tired just watching them. >> reporter: some of the guys get temporary bald spots from carrying the rafts on their heads. >> thanks, chris. coming up next, hell hath no
7:48 am
fury like a woman scorned. the story of a jilted white house adviser coming up next.
7:49 am
7:50 am
we're back at 7:50 with the bizarre story of revenge. when a an affair recently turned sour, a woman decided to out her lover in a very public way. here's nbc's jeff rossen. >> reporter: from san francisco to atlanta, to times square. the billboards look pretty romantic. a couple professing their love, so sweet. ♪ no, this is a mistress's revenge, outing her secret lover after he dumped her.illips, the wealthy president of oracle and an economic adviserama. phillips' mistress is yvonni wilkins, an actress. she got him back, all right. from national billboards to a special website. she posted hundreds of pictures
7:51 am
of them, vacationing together and sharing tender moments. you'd have no idea he was actually married to another woman, the entire time. the mistress saved everything, she even posted phillips' personal love notes to her. including this one. i have never loved and cared for anyone as much as i do you. >> wow. >> i think he was caught out. >> what do you make of that? >> i mean, you got to do what you got to do, right? you got to claim your man or your woman. >> charles phillips now admits to nbc news -- i had an 8 1/2-year serious relationship with yavaughnie wilkins. we both wish each other well. in fact, phillips is now back with his wife. but his mistress won't go away quietly. >> i think the mistress is my hero. >> reporter: sarah jay evans says she gets it. >> society wants to blame the other woman and that's such a
7:52 am
load of rubbish. blame the man. if there weren't so many men out there looking to have affairs with women, there wouldn't be the other woman. >> reporter: infidelity can drive us mad. from samantha to "sex in the city" to the women in wisconsin, who recently superglued a man's private parts after learning that he cheated on all of them. >> after i found out he was dating other women, i wanted him to see that i was hurt. >> reporter: in another recent case, espn baseball analyst, steve phillips got into trouble when he dumped his cald 911. >> i have a crazy woman who is involved with my husband and she has come to my house to harm me and my children. >> reporter: but billboard revenge? >> what you want to say is -- see, honey? this is what happens. >> reporter: there's got to be responsibility, don't you? >> everyone does in these kinds of circumstances. we had to see the billboard.
7:53 am
i'm driving around looking at billboard, what the heck is that about? >> now we know. >> just ahead, ozzie osbourne. after your local nurse and weather.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:55 is your time no 60 degrees, a mild start to your monday, but windy and rain so far. we'll have your forecast after the news. good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, we have new information about a number of school delays. shenandoah, and others will be delayed two hours. and there may soon be a new way to pay for your ride on metro, the transit agency says. it's allowing people to pay with credit or debit cards at turnstiles to make it easier to
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, winds have been gusting 40 miles an hour. getting some passing to moderate to heavy rain in northern loudoun county and it's continuing to move off to the north and east. the rain may be moving into the metro area in the next hour or
7:59 am
so and this is going to be tapering off by midday today, and then we'll have temperatures developing into the 40s and 50s later on tonight. >> see how we're doing along i-270. delays just below german town, but we are wind whipped all the way down, hang on, and hang on to your hat too. >> and a lot more news and weather and
8:00 am
8:00 on this monday morning, the 25th of january, 2010. and no, it is not nighttime in new york city, just a very gloomy day. we appreciate folks coming out to the plaza this morning. and the weather will improve. we've got rain this morning, turning into sunshine and in the upper 50s later on. >> nice and warm. >> nice and warm. i'm meredith vieira, along with ann curry. matt and al have a long-deserved day off. just ahead, pains in the office, when you work with the same people day after day. their habits can get on your nerves. i'm not referring to you. coming up, we'll find out what bugs the people we work with. >> there's ml flynn, hopefully she's not offended, either. also ahead, a new twist in the case we've been following for nearly a year, meredith. little haleigh cummings has disappeared from her father's
8:01 am
trailer in the middle of the night last february. he was at work, his young girlfriend, the only person at home. now they've been arrested in another case. we'll talk to haleigh's grandmother in an exclusive live interview coming up this morning. plus switching gears again, hard-rocker turned family man, ozzie osbourne telling all in a new autobiography and boy, does he have lot to tell. we'll talk to him. he's saying, i wonder if i remember it all. natalie, good morning. there's a transition from ozzie osbourne to me. good morning to you, ladies an good morning, everyone. a day with a of mourning was declared in lebanon after a jetliner caught fire and crashed off the coast of beirut. 90 people were on board the eth yoepian jet, more than half of them lebanese. the plane had just taken off in stormy weather and lebanon's president says sabotage is not expected. three large explosions rocked a hotel region in central
8:02 am
baghdad. smoke could be seen rising above the iraqi capil. there were no immediate reports of casualties. the explosions came after a period of relative calm in baghdad. world leaders and aid groups gather in montreal today to plan long-term help for haiti. a strong aftershock rattled the haitian capital of port-au-prince again last night. heavy equipment is now clearing away mountains of rubble from the quake that kill asany as 200,000 people 12 days ago. despite claims in his new audio tape. u.s. officials say osama bin laden probably had no direct role in the attempted christmas day bombing of a detroit-bound jetliner. bin laden threatened continued attacks against the u.s. he's preparing to announce new economic initiatives to help middle-class families and officials say job creation will be a key theme when the president deliver his state of the union address.
8:03 am
"avatar" held on to the box office for the sixth straight weekend, taking in another $36 million, now putting it $2 million behind james cameron's other top money-maker, "titanic." it is now 8: 03 right now, you're up to date. let's turn it back over to meredith and ann. >> it's amazing "avatar," right. >> backtrack to the story, was it president obama to serve on jury duty? >> he's obviously a little tied up. >> but does the president serve -- >> no, i think it was a mistake. i think somebody didn't realize -- it's probably just a computer, right? >> no, he was supposed to serve jury duty. >> wow. >> could you imagine, you go in and he's on the jury? >> no. >> wow. >> no one is free. thank you, natalie. the the weather channel's stephanie abrams is in for al this morning. >> we have a girls trip celebrating 40th birthday. i was told i could say 40, it's
8:04 am
okay? >> absolutely. we're proud to be 40. >> you guys look darling with your hats. but no makeup, right? >> that doesn't matter. it's raining, whatever. let's see where else we're going to see the rain this morning. rockford, illinois. that's where we're seeing the snow. they're from illinois, so excited. >> we're from near st. louis. >> let's have a look at the forecast from where you're from good morning, we have some bands of very heavy rain, western loudoun county into western frederick county. also in the panhandle of west virginia right now in jefferson county, they're getting some very heavy rain. this extends right along the blue ridge. breaks up a bit farther to the south. but this whole band is heading off to the north northeast. temperatures are balmy, they're near 60 degrees now, but they'll fall back into the 40s noer sun set. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour may cause sommore power outages.
8:05 am
to find out if it's going to rain outse your door, 24 hours a day, go to , the latest on the disappearance of haleigh cummings, the florida girl who vanished nearly a year ago. her father and the last person to see her alive are now behind bars. we'll tl you why and talk exclusively to haleigh's grandmother, right after this. has focused on making... dy the best-tasting sour cream for over four generations. it's made with farm-fresh cream... that's 100% natural without any additives or preservatives. and no added hormones. so you can feel good knowing every creamy dollop... will bring all your favorite dishes to life. ♪ do a dollop, do-do a dollop of daisy ♪
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♪ [ sniffs ] morning. you got in pretty te last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you' not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ folgers in your cup back now at 8:08 with the latest in the case of little
8:09 am
haleigh cummings. the then 5-year-old disappeared from her florida home last february. her father's girlfriend at the time said she put haleigh to bed and when she woke up in the middle of the night, haleigh was missing. now that woman and haleigh's father are both in jail. we'll talk to haleigh's grandmother exclusively in a moment. but first, nbc's tom chong has details. >> reporter: ronald cummings and misty cross lyn are sitting in jail after an undercover drug sting operation. the charges they're facing are unrelated to the case of missing 6-year-old haleigh cummings. but investigators plan on questioning them about her mysterious disappearance. in her initial court appearance, 18-year-old misty croslyn quietly answered the judge's questions. >> what do you do for a living, ma'am? >> nothing. >> i'm sorry? >> nothing. >> how do you support yourself? >> my mom and my dad. >> reporter: she and her ex-husband, 26-year-old ronald
8:10 am
cummings both face drug trafficking charges. they and other people are acuesed of selling prescription pain medication to an undercover officer. they face scrutiny after cummings's 5-year-old daughter, haleigh disappeared from their trailer a year ago. >> for the perpetrator or perpetrators, please bring her home. bring her home safe. and if she's watching, baby, i love you. >> reporter: police say cummings was working night his daughter vanished, leaving croslyn to babysit haleigh and her little brother. she said when she woke up, she claims the back door was open and haleigh was gone. but there were no signs of forced entry. around 3:30 in the morning. croslyn called 911. she told matt lauer what she remembered. >> i looked at the clock and i didn't see the minutes, i just seen three. after i looked around the house,
8:11 am
called her name, was on the phone with the cops. >> reporter: they got married last year and the day after, meredith asked croslyn about what the police called inconsistencies in her story. >> why did you say one thing at one time and another time, another? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the couple soon divorced, but are still connected in a way, this time as suspects in a drug investigation. now, that the two, the two are in jail, they can now, the investigators can question them and hopefully get new information through a new round of questioning and answers. ann? >> thang truong. theresa cummings is haleigh's paternal grandmother. good morning this morning. first of all, this has got to be
8:12 am
such a nightmare i can hear it in your voice. i know you don't believe that your son, ronald cummings has anything to do with this. when are your thought about his ex-wife, misty? >> i believe that whether or not she realizes it, misty is holding something that could possibly help haleigh's case. >> you have said that quote, i guess our hopes are that she's held behind bars long enough for police to get something out of her. why would she with hold information in your view? why do you suspect her of that? >> i'm not sure if she with holds it purposely or you know, if it's something that's subconscious. but i just feel like that there is something, all of the law enforcement have said that she is the key to this. and that you know, you just have to figure that there's something that she's not telling. >> but you know her.
8:13 am
so you have a sense of her that's beyond what police know. are you saying that you actually suspect her in the disappearance? or do you suspect her only in with holding information that might lead to understanding why haleigh disappeared? >> at this point, i suspect her of with holding information that may help in this case. i don't really believe that she's done anything to harm haleigh on purpose. i personally think it's just something that would help find haleigh. and that's what we're hoping for. >> i can see that you have a shirt, you're wearing one with haleigh's face on it. can you describe how this year has been f you? i mean you're coming up on an anniversary here pretty soon. a one-year anniversary. how has it been for you? and how has the community responded in trying to help you find your granddaughter? >> it's been a very hard year.
8:14 am
just so many things that we had to do without haleigh that we don't want to do. but we've done then for junior's sake. the community has been wonderful. the people who you know, i mean just everybody, there was an outpouring for haleigh. and there has been a lull, in that there's not a lot of media attention on haleigh. and people just, i think they tend to forget. >> well, you've got the media attention this morning. so what do you want to say to the world about haleigh? what are you doing to help find her, still? >> well we're, we pass out flyers. we talk to people. we have her pictures on all the windows of our vehicles. and we count on people like you,
8:15 am
and "the today show" to help us keep haleigh's face out there. >> can you tell us something about haleigh? i mean she was just five years old. what is the thing about her that you've missed most this last year? >> her smile. haleigh has the most beautiful smile. it lights up a room and it warms your heart. and we just miss her smile. >> we can see from the pictures she also has a little brother. how is he holding up? missing haleigh? >> he's doing very well. >> well i hope that someone watching this can help you, theresa nevis. thank you so much for being with us this morning and good luck in your efforts to find your little granddaughter. you, ann. we'll be right back. asthma for 12 years. 6 years.
8:16 am
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love to see kids' spirits shine. superstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunnyd shine on sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d. back at 8:19 with a special series, "today's pains in the office." it's all about getting along with -- >> what are you talking about? >> just stop. while actually getting some work done. i actually spent some work-time and am actually still recovering. >> oh, come on! do you see this? disgusting. >> scenes like this for good tv. but not if this is your office. >> i can smell it already.
8:20 am
>> life in the workplace is full of annoyances. >> i just emailed you! [ cell phone ringing ] >> the co-host in the executives here at "today" are lucky because we get offices like this one. with windows, we can look out at the world. doors we can close for privacy. but most of the people who work here and i'm talking about the producers, the researchers, the assistants -- this is their home. there is no door, there is no privacy, there are a lot 6 pet peeves. >> why can't we open the windows in the office? >> loud, stupid cell phones. >> when people leave their smelly food in the office refridge ratter. >> claustrophobic. it's a petri dish in here. >> gum chewing. >> you can hear people smack their gum all day. >> i may smack my gum loudly. >> we all have our pains in the
8:21 am
office -- case in point. figured it's time i check out this place and see what really goes on here. sorry, matt. my first stop, melanie. who says her co-workers dump on her. >> 90% 6 what's in this can is not my gore badarbage. >> who are the biggest offenders? >> people in the office. >> thanks, mell, i don't blame you, that's bad. >> talking trash was just the beginning. i heard jen had some issues. >> people talking baby talk to their kids in the office. on the phone. who did a little poppy day, did you do a poopy? we're completely surrounded by people with children. except for myself. so this is -- >> is that an issue. do you resent that you don't have kids yet? is there some psychological stuff? life's not over, you're still a young woman. come on, buck up, buck up. a little peepy-poopoo?
8:22 am
yeah. >> then i worked up quite an appetite. >> it was very cold. it needs a full minute. >> take it out now, let's see. see if that's ready. put your hand in it. that's hot. that's hot. >> you're the boss. >> you're done, i'm done. all right. i want three minutes. >> but it was hard to stomach what i discovered next at the office fridge. >> sometimes people take and i assume eat my lunch. >> you'll put it here in the morning and by lunch time it's gone? >> yeah. >> who do you think would do that? >> i hate strayberry. this is strawberry. sorry, i'm looking for peach. usually somebody brings peach. i don't know who it is. yup. thank you, somebody. >> that's not yours. put it back. >> it's just -- >> put it back. unbelievable. >> can i call like a lifeline person? >> put it back.
8:23 am
the list was getting so long i had only one choice -- a secret meeting with management. what do you make of a place that where people steal lunches? >> we're already working 16 hours a day, and there's a case quesadilla in the refrigerator that doesn't belong to you, you may eat it. >> you've done that? >> no, i never would. >> what are your pet peeves? >> the clappers. we have a whole row of people that just clap for everything. they clap and then it becomes contagious and the whole row starts to clap. >> one row does this? >> one particularrow. we call them the clappers. hey! who put the lights on? i thought the lights were supposed to stay off. >> it's another pet peeve, people don't keepheir word around here. >> maybe a senior producer like dee dee could explain the office antics. there's a lot going on here. >> yeah, there is. >> i sense a lot of anger,
8:24 am
frustration. >> frustration. you know, we try to get work done. >> sure. >> like now. >>ure and -- >> right now. >> yeah, and people are on the phone. i heard about the baby talk or eating next to you and they've got smelly food. >> or people come and sit down, sure. >> sure. >> and sit there. >> sure. that would, that's annoying. >> someone's going to come for a meeting. >> that's terrific. you want me to get another chair? i'll get another chair. >> hey, courtney. >> do you mind excusing us for a little bit. i'll sit here. >> i need you to step away for a few minutes. >> oh, okay, fine. i guess i got my pet peeve, yeah, thank you so much. i can take a hint. that's the last time i visit this office. >> it's been quite the office experience, i've got to get some work done. you take care. >> guys, can you hold that elevator for me? hey, hey, can you hold the elevator? hold the elevator -- hey, hey!
8:25 am
sorry. what's the matter with you people! now i got to take the stairs. >> i'm still angry over that. >> hard day's work. >> you know what? all kidding aside, there are real pet peeves. >> there are. i've had the food stolen from the refrigerator. >> you have? >> yes, absolutely. >> me, too. >> you don't know how it was prepared. >> i know. that's creepy. >> i know. in general, though, y can see that people are petty nice. >> what's your advice? >> well, you tell them how you feel? >> tomorrow, now that you asked, ann, tomorrow we'll look at ways to cope when your officemate is driving you up a cubicle wall. up next, ozzie osbourne, live and in person after your local news.
8:26 am
time is 8:25 on this stormy monday morning. it looks like the storms have passed mostly to the north. the weather has caused some damage to our area n potomac -- in northern virginia, 12,000 customers are without power. there are school closiers and delays, those will be running at the bottom of your screen for updated information. what kind of weather can we expect for the rest
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, radar is showing a band of storms that are stretching into frederick county, maryland. that's heading off to north and east. light to moderate rain farther out to the south. that will be moving in the in the next couple of hours. >> 270 jammed, and we are wind whipped. no accidents just volume. interstate 66 just a little volume on the approach to the
8:29 am
capital beltwa
8:30 am
♪ i can hardly wait to hold you ♪ ♪ feel my arms around you 8:30 on this monday morning, january 25th, 2010. rainy days and mondays, always a bad combination. and our crowd, they don't seem to mind at all. they've got the right spirit here. speaking about combos -- we have a very unlikely pair this morning. i'm talking about barry manilow, who is in our studio, and ozzie osbourne. and we'll hear from each of them
8:31 am
this half hour. barry lass a new album that's terrific, all love songs. and ozzie details what he remembers of his hard-rocking days, he remembers a lot. >> i think he's coming up next. and also we'll be talking about something else, about cell phones. so many kinds right now, theine phone, so many different kinds of cell phones. the question is which one is right for you. how do you not spend a lot of money on the wrong cell phone. you may want to think about the carrier before you buy the cell phone. anyway, we'll be talking about helpful tips how to make sure you're happy with the cell phone. and also we'll meet some pretty extraordinary kids who are on a mission to rebuild their hometown. a city, detroit, very much in the need of all the help it can get. but first a check of the weather from stephanie abrams, in for al this morning, hey, stef. sorry, i was mid conversation here, learning about how these people from minnesota love the subway. what's so great about the subway here? >> easy, fast.
8:32 am
>> we don't have them in minnesota. >> you have those tunnels above ground to keep you in from the cold. >> but they don't move. >> that's a good point. let's find out where it's going to be wet and cold through the week. we'll see a rainy northeast and our temperatures are going to be actually below normal throughout portions of the northern plains. all of the cold air is headed to the northeast. so enjoy these mild temperatures as we head through the day today. it will be sunny tomorrow, and th as we head to late week, the cold air is going to continue to progress eastbound. good morning, temperatures are right around 60 degrees here, with wind gusting over 4 miles an hour, some scattered power outages, bands of moderate to heavy rain from west central virginia central loudoun into frederick county in maryland. and then this rain should taper off and end by middle of the day. winds will be blustery by the
8:33 am
middle of the afternoon. dry and chilly into thursday. ann, it's all yours. by the way, come on over here. these students from the pennsylvania state university, they've raised more than $7 million, really, doing a dance marathon for pediatric cancer. >> that's where you dance for lying 36 hours straight. >> 48. >> give it up for these young people. coming up next, batten down the hatc
8:34 am
8:35 am
take what you thought was rock and roll excess, triplet and you would have only a small taste of ozzie osbourne's life. you've heard the stories by now from throwing raw meat into his audience, to biting the head off a live bat, to epic drug and alcohol abuse.
8:36 am
ozzie says it's all true, it's all detailed in his new book "i am ozzy." let me read to this quote, i've befr loaded on cough syrup, heroin, clonapin, vicodin and on more than a few occasions i was on all of those at the same time. my first question -- obvious one, how are you alive? >> i don't know, it's a miracle, miracles do happen, don't they. >> you do see it as a miracle, don't you? >> oh, yeah. i just stopped made my mind up one day. i made up my mind for so long. you know, i thought -- trying being straight for a while, it didn't work. i had to get back to the way i was. i kind of like it now. >> you've been off drugs you say since 2006? >> yeah. something like that.
8:37 am
>> well in the book you open up by saying they never said i would write this book. well, bleep them,ecause here it is. now all i have to do is remember something. how much do you remember? you were strung out most of the time. >> well i didn't actually put pen to paper. i had a ghost writer, chris. >> you had a ghost writer? >> yes. he was like doing the most in-depth interview i've ever done in my life. he would come around two or three times a week. and that's how it was done. i remember saying to him, do you think you have enough? he said, i have enough to write three books. >> well you start off, you know, talking about as a kid you grew up in a working-class neighborhood in england. dad was a factory worker. and he said to you early on, you're either going to do something very special, or you're going to end up in prison. by the age of 18, you did end up in prison. for what? >> for petty burglary or
8:38 am
larceny, that's it. i didn't pay the fine. so my father wanted to teach me a short shop lesson, which worked. i didn't want to go back there again. >> you had a sing of factory-type jobs. you worked in a factory whe you installed car horns. you worked in a slaughterhouse for a whileth and to hear you tell it in this book. you get up one morning and you decide you're going to be a rock star. >> it's kind of like that. but we, black sabbath was a guy from a local area that had a dream and it came true. >> what made you think you could do it, ozzy? >> when the beatles opened, i, i thought, that's what i, that's what i should do. and my father, who i didn't have a lot of money, 42, buy me a p.a. system. it wasn't a very good one. but it went over, ozzy zig needs a gig. >> and that was the start of black sap apt and it was start of your pretty much constant heavy drug use and alcohol
8:39 am
abuse. give me an idea of what a typical day would have been like for you guys as part of black sap apt. >> we never stopped. i never, it was still loaded from the night before, anyway. >> you were still loaded from the night before, you say? >> yeah. it's times, there's a down side. when you've got to do a show and you feel so hungover, sometimes you have a quick nip. so when i started, i could never stop. i couldn't have one beer or one this or that. it was just like a garbage, throwing anything in. i'm not proud of the fact that i, i nearly died on several occasions. but that's what happens, you know. i mean i don't -- i hope anybody who is watching this thinks it's cool to be out of your mind and all that. it's being out of your mind, but then there's being -- >> i'm glad you bring it up. people watching might say, this is a bizarre cautionary tale, you did all of these drugs for so long. and even so, you're successful, well off.
8:40 am
you have a beautiful family. what is the lesson here? >> i don't know. >> i don't, either. i can't figure it out. >> there's no lesson here. it's just -- i was very, i said to my kids, one thing i do to my children, i tell them the truth. they ask me the question, where do babies come from. i don't say put them in a box in the garden. i tell them the truth, you know. >> do you bear the responsibility of bringing up your kids, you have five wonderful kids. kelly and jack we got to know through the mtv series, 0s the osbournes." they both got involved in drug rehab. >> i think now a days, it's everywhere, not just los angeles and new york. in england, for instance, where we live in england, it's a little tiny quaint village. it's all cracks there, you know. it's -- when i was doing it, you have to go, maybe not to the end
8:41 am
when i started doing it. you have to go through different connections to get it. now it's just ridiculous. >> when you went solo, your manager became your wife, sharon osbourne. and that was quite an undertaking for her. there was time when youound yourself in jail. you didn't know why and they said, oh, because you tried to kill her. you had tried to strangle her obviously when you were out of it. >> it was one of my alcohol and drug-fuelled blackoutings. >> why do you think she stayed with you? >> i haven't got a clue. >> another one of those, you haven't got a clue, huh? >> i haven't got much of a clue this morning, do i? >> sharon, quickly, why? >> because love him. simple. simple. yeah. >> she loves you. ozzy, thank you so much. pleasure, pleasure. the book is called "i am ozzy." ozzy osurne. sharon will co-host the fourth hour of "today" along with kathie lee tomorrow and wednesday. just ahead, a live
8:42 am
performance from barry manilow, but first, this is "today"n
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning on today's update, teens giving back. last year we introduced you to a national nonprofit called build on and followed the students on a school-building project in mali, in west africa. but the essence of their work is stateside. i sat down with four teens who share the challenges and hopes for a place that has seen its share of unemployment, foreclosures and a dwindling auto industry. >> i've seen detroit change drastically. >> this was a proud and great city. when i look at the first block of my street, there's nothing but run-down houses. >> i live in highland park, which is in the middle of detroit. highland park isn't doing any better than detroit. >> one thing i think we need to do is take charge of our
8:45 am
situation. >> and they have, these teens have parts of an after-school program called build on. this not for profit group has mobilized nearly 250 michigan high schoolers and recent grads, getting them to volunteer within their community. >> last year our students in detroit contributed over 15,000 hours of service. it gives them a sense of purpose. >> without volunteers, without people who believe in our city, it can't rise from the ashes. it can't lift itself up. we have to be part of that solution. >> tell me about build on. an how you got involved? >> my freshman year of high school, after hearing about the things that they were going to be doing, it's like an epiphany. this is where i am, this is where i'm going to find my niche. >> all the time. >> at the time that's how i met carington, ray, donovan. after going to these projects, i learned things about my community, both good and bad, that you can't necessarily learn
8:46 am
in a textbook. >> it is helping other people, put a smile on their faces. let them know. we care. it's like you're giving them more strength to hold on to. >> these teens are high on hope and driven to share a big part of their free time even while having to face their own hardships at home. >> my grandma has been laid off for about five years now. and my mom has been finding temporary jobs here and there. >> now i'm helping out carrying boxes. >> that's why i come here, to give back. you know, the gleaners. because i've been to situations. >> my father would go to work every day. and for 14 years, he worked for chrysler. a couple of years ago, he got laid off. we had to go on food stamps. >> you're not seven. i thought you were at least ten. >> when you actually come to a food bank, and help someone feed their family, it changes your
8:47 am
perspective on life. >> do you feel sometimes that the challenges here, despite all the good work you do, are just so overwhelming? >> i can actually remember this one day, i actually was walking home from school and there was a drug raid right on the corner by my school. and it was -- it was that took me to the point where like, i don't want my nieces and nhews to walk around in this. i don't want anyone's children to walk past this. >> show of hands, how many of you are actually afraid sometimes walking around in your neighborhoods? you're all afraid? >> yes. >> i want to see detroit just rebuild itself. >> we are related through this city. we are the veins, the people who pump the blood into the city and works for it. >> just because we're going through hard times don't mean that you can't make good times. i'm having fun, i'm laughing. i'm helping my community. i'm hanging out with my friends all the time. >> just meeting new people, it's
8:48 am
so much fun to be in. people need to join. >> it's a way ofife, actually. it's a way of life. >> and jim zylekowski is the president and ceo of build on. such an impressive group of kids. donovan, carington, rhia, and keely. unbelievable of the things they're doing in their community. give me an example of the things they're doing in their community to bring it back to life. >> thanks. in detroit we're running programs as we are around the country and our students do intense service, working with elders and young people and children. in detroit, we're working with the detroit veterans center and homeless veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan. we're working with gleaners, homeless folks there, develoentally disabled. at the same time these kids are building schools around the world. i've got to tell you wlisenning to donovan and the kids is very inspiring. donovan didn't mention this, in his part. but you know, he did allude to
8:49 am
the fact that he had been there. well he has. they shut off his heat last year and he and his mother had to live in a shelter. >> they all have stories like that, which is really amazing. >> he'll go a day or two without a meal. yet he goes and serves meals to people who need it even more. these kids are really lifting up detroit. they're courageously stepping up. and i think this generation is going to turn that community around. >> jim, it's an impressive group of kids, such a great organization again. for people to find out, they can go on to our website more about build on. and as well. >> we would love for anybody who is interested to get involved. >> and you're very involved in haiti as well. >> we are, we built 14 schools in haiti. all the schools are standing strong. if anyone wants to take a pledge in build on. you can help kidsike donovan and carington. we would love you to set up a chapter. >> thank you, jim. and tomorrow we'll learn now about what inspires the students who took me on a walking tour of her neighborhood.
8:50 am
it's a real eye-opener. coming up next, barry manilow,
8:51 am
barry manilow sold more than 75 million records worldwide in his latest album is called "the greatest love songs of all time." barry manilow, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, beautiful ladies. >> thousands of love songs to choose from.
8:52 am
how do you narrow it down to 13? >> i have an encyclopedia of pop songs and i spent a week wh it and i picked out my favorite titles, i ran it by clive and we found 13 and that was it. i'm going to do the carpenters "we've only just begun." pretty daring. >> a big favorite. ♪ we've only just begun to live ♪ ♪ white lace and promises ♪ a kiss for luck and we're on our way ♪ ♪ before the rising sun we fly
8:53 am
♪ so many roads to choose ♪ we start out walking and learn to run ♪ ♪ and yes, we've just begun ♪ sharing horizons that are new to us ♪ ♪ watching the signs along the way ♪ ♪ talking it over just the two of us ♪ ♪ working together day to day together ♪ ♪ and when the evening comes we
8:54 am
smile ♪ ♪ so much of life ahead ♪ find a place where there's room to grow ♪ ♪ and yes, we've just begun ♪ sharing horizons that are new to us ♪ ♪ watching the signs along the way ♪ ♪ talking it over, just the two of us ♪ ♪ working together day to day, together ♪ ♪ together ♪ and when the evening comes we smile ♪ ♪ so much of life ahead
8:55 am
♪ we find a place where there's room to grow ♪ ♪ and yes, we've just begun ♪ and yes, we've just begun ♪ we've only just begun [ applause ] >> barry manilow, did we mention that we love you? >> oh, thanks, thanks, i love you back. >> we can do backup, if you nee it. >> any time. >> the album is "the greatest love songs of all
8:56 am
a stormy start to your monday, the clouds still hovering over our nation's capitol, the time is 8:55, it's january 25. good morning, everyone. a stormy morning has caused damage around our area. this video coming from potomac where crews had to take down a power pole that fell on glendale road in virginia. virginia electric is reporting about 12,000 people still without power. there are also some school closures and delays. there may soon be a way to pay for your ride on metro. the transit agency is saying they're going to allow you to pay with debit cards on the turnsti turnstiles. your
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, we have clusters of moderate to heavy rain that continue to move across virginia and maryland and there's moderate to heavy rain into the shenandoah valley. that will be moving into the metro area in about another half
8:59 am
hour. temperatures are around 60 degrees and then will drop into the 40s by sunset, winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. we may have a few more power outages today. >> taking a live look along i-66 loaded up headed for the beltway. and 270, no accidents just volume all the way down. >> we're going to have more news, weather and traffic in 25 minutes, now back to the "today" show after this short break. we'll see you in a minut
9:00 am
back with more of "today" on this monday morning, january 25th, 200106789 and back now with more of "today," that was barry manilow finishing up another set for us. it's a blustery day, however, outside in the heart of midtown manhattan and we've got more than a few dedicated fans toughing it out in rockefeller plaza, we're happy to have them there, we're here, i'm ann curry along with natalie morales in studio 1a. coming up, a strange twist in the saga of college student, amanda knox. she's in jail and now the man who prosecuted her, could be as well. could this be a break for amanda, who says she is innocent? details are coming up.
9:01 am
and can you hear me now? you've heard that commercial many times, it used to be cell phones were a novelty. but now for more and more people they're a necessity. but with so many options from the touchscreens to keyboards, web browsing, text, data and yeah, phone calls. how do you choose the right one? we'll sort through them for you. >> sometimes they go with a specific carrier. you may have an opinion about which carrier you like. >> in fact, iphone may no longer have the deal with at&t. a lot of things are going to change around that. >> a little bit later on, we're going to have tips on saving your marriage with a shocking new developments we've been hearing about. in so many of the cases, including the tiger woods scandal, it seems like infidelity is everywhere, but if you think it could be putting your marriage in jeopardy, we've got tips this morning, strategies on how to confront the issue. but first a check of the top stories and natalie, you're in for me this morning. here you go. officials in lebanon think weather may have been a factor in the deadly plane crash this morning, an ethiopian airlines
9:02 am
plane 737 with 90 people on board had just taken off when it ashed to flames in the mediterranean sea. search teams scouring the area have found debris from the plane, as well as bodies. the plane had been flying in stormy weather. lebanon's president does in the suspect terrorism. police in baghdad say three bombs exploded near hotels today, killing dozens of people. it was the first major attack in the iraqi capital since early december when coordinated car bombs claimed more than 100 lifrs. officials are meeting today in plaunl to consider how to coordinate long-term help for haiti. nbc's michelle could zinsky is in port-au-prince with more. >> reporter: heavy equipment now must move the rubble away. and hope of finding survivors has all but faded here. at the hotel montana, too, the legendary refuge from turmoil
9:03 am
now shelters only the missing. includes six members of a team from lynn university in florida. some of their families visited here this weekend. including the parents of britney gengle. >> we are preparing ourselves for the worst. and praying for a miracle. >> reporter: a wrenching imbalance of hope, and pain. friends have been helping eric nimen search for his fiancée. >> no closure unless they can find a body. it's almost impossible to do anything. i've never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: the last known breathtaking rescue was saturday. it was this man here pulled from a convenience store. he says he survived 11 days drinking coca-cola and eatin snacks. as those incredible survival stories fade, it's the day to day that everyone here will be a part of from now on. and each dayood and water distribution continues.
9:04 am
while it's expected that about a million people will leave the capital for the countryside. and it's mated that about a fifth of the number already has, for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, port-au-prince. today president obama announces steps aimed at helping the middle class. among them, a doubling of the child care tax cred. caps on student loan mamts and aid for families caring for elderly relatives. tragedy sunday in ohio, where three boys died after falling through thin ice on the sandusky river, they included 8-year-old and 9-year-old brothers and an 11-year-old. crews are trying to protect wildlife in port arthur, texas following a half-million gallon oil spill it happened when a tanker collided with another vessel. andou're up to date right now. four minutes past the hour. let's get another check of the weather. in for al, the the weather channel's stephanie abrams. >> thanks for that january is actually national blood donation month. right, about one in seven people entering a hospital need blood.
9:05 am
and supplies are running low during the winter months. joining us now is rob purvis from the new york blood center. you can tell us how to help. first of all, why to blood supplies run low in the winter months. >> you hit the holiday months and people take off and people are taking about everything but donating blood. >> where can you donate blood? >> any of the donor centers in the new york area that we serve. hudson valley, regional long island. our blood drives are running every day. >> in this week in rock center. >> five days this week, extended hours, 9:00 to 6:00. >> is any of the blood going to haiti? >> it's not going directly to haiti, it's a constant replenishment. what we're doing this week, for good morning, we have had moderate to heavy rain coming through all morning long from faulkner county into the central
9:06 am
shenandoah vaey, i have that had rivers and creeks and streams out of their banks. into fairfax county and up into montgomery county and then this rain should taper off and end during the natalie, over to you. all right. thank you, stephanie. the brr who won a murder conviction against american college student, amanda knox, has thousand been convicted of abusing his office. could that have an impact on the knox case? nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this is is a case of the prosecutor winded up being prosecuted himself, juliana mignini led the case, now he's been found guilty of abuse of office during a separate case. he's been sentenced to 16 months
9:07 am
in jail for illegally tapping fines while investigating a serial killer in the late '90s. the verdict was repeatedly delayed while he argued the murder case against amanda knox. the prosecutor turned defendant was shocked by the conviction and says he will appeal. >> translator: i was only partially found guilty, the sentence is not consistent with the charges. >> reporter: for amanda knox's family, mignini's conviction is welcome news. >> i guess i felt vindicated, we've been saying all along that things were done incorrectly. >> reporter: knox and her parents insist she did not murder her roommate in what the prosecution described as a drug-fuelled sex game. and they accuse the police and mignini of miss handling the investigation. the student and her former boyfriend have already spent two years in an italian prison. both are appealing. >> she told us this morning she had a rough week where she was really down and really scared. but she picked herself back up and is studying and trying to
9:08 am
stay positive. >> reporter: knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, but faces even more time if she is found guilty of a separate charge of slander. during the murder trial, the 22-year-old accused police of mistreating her. an accusation the police deny. her parents face a similar charge for repeating the claims to a british newspaper. no court date has been set for either trial. in the italian legal system, even though mignini has been found guilty of abusing his office, he does not have to start serving his prison sentence and he can continue to work while the appeals process goes forward. it's something that amanda knox's mother tells us she simply does not understand. >> stephanie gosk, thanks so much. nbc's chief legal analyst, daniel abrams. this had been going on for quite a long time during the knox case, why is he so shocked at the verdict. >> a totally separate case, right? having nothing to do with the knox case. and his position would be, has
9:09 am
nothing to do with it i'm going to appeal. there was no allegations of misconduct in this case. the problem is, this is a case that has been tried in the media. this is a very high-profile case, where everyone's reputation was at stake. and even if it doesn't have a technical impact on this case, it sure does provide ammunition to the family of amanda knox to say -- >> that's what they've said. it calls into question his credibility. and does this then solidify their case, if they want to go forward and really try to get an appeal? >> i don't know that it's going to help them sort of on a technical appeal. meaning in their legal papers, this isn't going to be one of their strongest arguments. but again, there's no such thing as a technical legal argument. meaning judges are human. diplomats are human. and i think that this is going to lead to more pressure. another argument for the knox family to make to say there was something wrong here, and we need to revisit it. will it actually have an impact? i'm not certain. >> we were just talking during the spot. i mean just the italian legal
9:10 am
system overall, i mean, it's so confusing to try to understand when the jury wasn't even sequestered during the knox case. which was one of the most high-profile cases there. so it's hard to make sense of it all. >> and also, because now, as you pointed out, that now they're going after amanda knox again. right? she's been convicted of murder for the victim being meredith kimper. >> serving a life sentence. >> that's right. 26 years. now they're saying, you know what, you also said things that weren't true about us, the police department. >> they're going after her for slander. >> now, look, regardless of what you think about the murder case, this starts to feel vindictive, in my mind. once the victim is the police department, and she's been convicted, it's a bit odd. to now be going after her for that. if she had been acquitted and they say, we need to convict her on something, because we are convinced that this is someone who is getting away with it, that's one thing. but in a case where she's already been convicted of murder. to go after her and investigate her parents as well -- to me seems like real overkill.
9:11 am
>> a bit odd. but overall, would this have any impact on the 26-year life sentence? >> again, i think it's unlikely. i think that they're going to have to look at the first issues you were discussing. which is, the way this case went. meaning, were there irregularities in this case, in the way it went forward. if they can make an argument that that was the case, then i think that they have a real shot on appeal. the advantage for amanda knox in the appellate system in italy is effectively they can revisit the case. meaning here, they would have to just say did the judge make mistakes? if not, we're not going it revisit the jury's verdict. there, they can say we'll revisit the evidence and take another look at it. >> meanwhile, congratulations on another website you're launching today. >> geeko for tech fans. >> you're developing a monopoly. dan abrams, thanks. coming up, avoiding the salt attack. do you know which of these meals has as much salt as 11 bags of
9:12 am
chips. coming up, touch screens, smartpho smartphones, texting, apps. we'll sort it out after this. of a cold. dun ( sneezing ) no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... can you do it by 3:00 ? yes, i can. how about 2:00 ? hmm... ( sneezing ) ( moaning ) get over your cold faster. now try new throat-soothing liqui-loz and great-tasting zavors. no way. try clean makeup -- lightweight coverage made for your skin type. for normal skin, oil control, and new clean for sensitive skin. it's makeup that works for you 'cause it's made for you. easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. if your kids can go onward and upward no matter what. if you get sidelined from work. insuring your family's ifs can be hard to figure out. so metlife removed the guesswork, combining the insurances families need most,
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♪ activia this morning on "today's consumer" the best cell phones, whether you want to surf the web or make old-fashioned telephone calls there are a dizzying number of choices and a lot of things to consider before choosing your next mobile device. we've got "consumer reports" has rated the cell phones on the
9:16 am
market today and its electronics editor, paul is now joining us with information about the cream of the crop. good morning, paul. so listen, even with the recession, the sales of smartphones is rising. is this because of all the bells and whistles? what explains this? they're not cheap. >> right, advanced features, when we survey people who are buying cell phones among our readers, advanced features led the way in terms of what people want. and the smartphones are the ones that allow you to do all of the things pretty much that you can do on a computer in your pocket. as well as other things like the additional apps that allow you to turn your smartphone into just about anything so they're the phones of choice if you really want to be able to do your office email, to surf the web, with the really good web browser. >> and gpss now. they're actually applications where you can monitor your calorie intake. it's crazy what they're offering. the question is, when you see all of that, you get all excited about the possibilities.
9:17 am
you say stop for a second and stake a look at what you really need. because you're going to spend a lot more money for that. >> onef the things you need to keep in mind is when you get one of these sophisticated phones. the more sophisticated the phone in general, the more it's going to cost you in service. and more and more now, the manufacturers, if the phone has the capability for things like 3-g, which is fast access to the web, they're going it make you get a data plan. even if you don't, use web surfing very much or use your email. so be careful about the cost, the long-term costs is probably more important. the monthly costs, than the purchase price of these phones. >> let's break it down, talk about the specific kinds of phones. there's the standard phone and your magazine took a look at the best standard phones. and you basically rated a couple of them as being really in the top category. i think we have them here on the table. >> the lg touch. >> both of these phones are examples of how standard phones are getting more sophisticated. >> the other is a samsung
9:18 am
instinct. >> yes. and more and more of these are getting keyboards. because people are using texting a lot more. so you're getting full keyboards, even on so-called conventional phones. so these are both examples of these. both good performers. and you can see, they both have one has two screens to it. you open up and do a texting screen. you have a screen on the outside for your basic navigation. so these are good choices if you do a lot of texting. if you want to combination of voice calls and texting. and you want a generally a lower-service cost and a lower purchase price than you'll get with say the smartphones. >> let's take a look at the smartphonance, because it's hard not to look at them. we've got the iphone of course and this new little guy, the google. >> this is the nexus one, the google phone. both of these did very well in our ratings. this has the biggest screen that we've seen on a phone. and it has great, great navigation. it also allows you to dictate. so for example, you can send a
9:19 am
text message by speaking to it and it will turn that into text. and send it out. as a message. >> really? that's pretty remarkable. is it fast, is it accurate? >> it's pretty fast, fairly accurate. >> this of course is the iphone 3-gs. one of the original phones that really turned the phone into a very versatile device and still, a very high performer. a great display. a lot of great features. and has the most apps, ill, all of those tens of thousands of apps, it's growing for things like the nexus one. but it's really the iphone still has the most. >> also on your list of good smartphones you've got the samsung moment, the motorola droid and the volt. and you're concerned about the quality of the telephone call using the smartphones. is that a problem with the phone or maybe a problem with the service? >> it's a combination of both. certainly voice quality is one thing. we've seen a lot of things improve in cell phones over the years. voice quality is pretty much
9:20 am
stayed much the same. >> the dropout seems to be increasing. >> dropouts in some of these services, certainly there are differences in carriers in our ratings. and we got satisfaction ratings from users. and there's a real range. with some companies, more satisfactory for a lot of different kinds of service than others. >> you have that in your magazine. >> have it in the magazine and on the website. >> we want to move onto the prepaid category. this is a rising category. basically so that you don't have to have the monthly plans which a lot of people are worried about. they don't like it get stuck in a monthly plan. in this case -- lou does it exactly work? you buy the phone and you pay for it as you go? >> you buy the phone, you can buy these phones at walmart or k-mart or best buy. you have no contractual obligation and you can get two kinds of service. you can either pay as you go, by the minute. or you can get an unlimited plan, which is not tt much different than say a basic plan with a contract carrier. you just don't have a contract. you're not bound to it. you can cancel any time. >> is this the best thing for
9:21 am
your money, if you don't need all the applications. >> if you're just making voice calls, this is a great thing to do. particularly if you don't make a lot of voice calls. such that it's worth $40 or so a month. for your service. you'll save kwiquite a lot of i you use these. >> the lg rumor and nokia 2610 are the options that you like, the top options you like for that. and the samsung. >> and this is a motorola and the samsung as well >> paul reynolds, thank you so much for making it all clear. coming up next, we'll find what the latest inductee to the joy fit club looked like after going from tipping the scales at more than 400 pounds to dropping a whopping 216 pounds. but first, these messages.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
coming up on "today," help for relationships on a rocky road. plus hold the salt. we is an expert that will tell us how much you may be eating and to give you healthy alternatives.
9:25 am
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9:26 is your time now. a warm and windy start to your today, degrees out. tom will have your forecast after the use. it is monday january 25, 2010. and in the news this morning, thousands of people in our area are in the dark this morning after a powerful storm moved through our area. here's a look at some of the damage in northern maryland. 3,400 people are without power right now. but the biggest out ans are in northern virginia. 7,300 of its customers have no power right now. what will the weather be like this week? >> it is improving the last of the rain is now moving out of the metro area and moving off to the north and east. the cloud cover is beginning to
9:27 am
lighten up a bit and the rain is really tapering off and ending across much of virginia. winds are still gusting to over 30 miles an hour. the winds will still be a bit blustery in the afternoon. >> thank you, tom, we'll have
9:28 am
good morning, everyone, as we take a live look at most of the interstates, doing mostly well, 270 still wind whippeded as you head south out of german town. but no accidents.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ ♪ you're listening to grammy winner, corinne bailey ray. her style has been called neosoul. but her voice defies categories and she's earned millions of fans. she's out with a new album and will be here to sing it for us live in studio tomorrow on "today." meanwhile coming up in this half hour, we'll stalk about the trouble with salt, ladies, because the average american takes in about 1,000 more milligrams or a third more salt than it recommended rfr i day and it can lead toerious problems, including problems with your heart. we'll show you where it's hiding, in the salt, and some of
9:31 am
your favorite meals at popular restaurants. >> the plate full of fries is full of salt. >> do you think, can you guess which of these meals equals to the same amount of sodium as 12 1/2 large orders of mcdonald's fries? isn't that something? >> that's disgusting. imagine how bloated you'd be. all the water you would retain. also ahead, can your marriage be saved? this morning we reported on the latest revelation enters the tiger woods scandal. but whether your marriage is perhaps rocked by infidelity or you're starting to feel the pressure of family responsibilities driving you apart, our experts has answers to your questions, coming up. and hoda is off this morning, so kathie lee has called in another big star to help her this morning,e're talking about tony and emmy winner, kristen chenowith who is known for her broadway turns and as well as stints on "american idol," we'll meet her in a few moments. but first, al is off and
9:32 am
stephanie abrams is here. for a check of the weather, the the weather channel's stephanie abrams is going to tell us all about it. hey, you. rainy here in the northeast and in the west as well. it's going to stay like this through the day today. and through the midwest, the colder air is producing some snow. how about as we head into the day tomorrow, where does all of this move? does it move is the big big good morning, the rain has diminished considerably over the last hour, now pretty much ending across virginia, heading off to the north and east. elsewhere we just have some pockets of light to moderate rain in southern maryland and on the eastern shore. and the temperatures are still hovering around 60, but it will drop into the 40s around sunset. it will still be a built and ann, i don't want to keep all of my secrets just
9:33 am
between us. i want to let everyone know, temperatures are dropping 20 degrees in new york by the end of the week. >> it will be wet, but slightly warm and then it will get colder. >> yes. >> winter returns. >> bundle up, make soup, that's the advice. >> with just a little salt. coming up, before we get to salt, we'll talk about strategies for saving your marriage. in fact dr. gail saltz will be answering your questions right after this. it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran. with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals
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♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good ♪ mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. this morning on "today's relationships" can your marriage be saved? everything from kids, finances and extra marital affairs can put almost unbearable pressure on a marriage. but there are ways to rescue
9:37 am
your relationship and regain love and support you remember. psychiatrist, gail saltz is a "today" contributor and relationship expert. good morning to you. >> good morning, natalie. >> we're going to help some people here with practical advice coming up in a little bit. first, let's talk about the latest revelatns as we've learned and the "dailybeast" is reporting what happened the night before the car accident that tiger woods had back in november. apparently elin had had a phone conversation with rachel uchitel and tiger woods orchestrated the phone conversation. does it sound a lot like cya on his part? >> it sure does. and honestly, this is often what happens. that men particularly are thinking, with their wallets, this is partially a business situation here. they're thinking with their nether regions. and if they were thinking with their minds about the fallout, you know, he would never have done that. but he would never have done a lot of things. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and the other thing is that apparently elin then, was able to access his phone after he went to sleep.
9:38 am
and saw some text messages where he apparently professed his love. said, you're the only one i've ever loved. to rachel uchitel. so this went beyond a sexual affair. this was a love affair. how is that different in a case where a man cheats? >> for most women, it is -- it's the betrayal of the heart that is much more substantial than the sexual relationship. so the idea of repairing, when you feel that your spouse has actually loved, fallen in love with someone else -- that's a much harder road to come back from. and i would say frankly, that unfortunately their odds are really low. i mean, they may stay together for the business aspect of this relationship. or she may choose for the kids to stay together. but the repair of the marriage after such a long period of time and this kind of a deepetrayal with many, many people and a public him ill yaumiliation, i this marriage doesn't look likely for repair. >> let's get to some viewer
9:39 am
questions that we have. and first coming to us an email question from kb in wisconsin, having to do with a spouse who strayed. she writes -- >> it's only been a year. >> yeah. no surprise, a year is a very small amount of time. but i would say the probably what's happening is she's probably torturing him because she feels tortured inside. so she's not really forgiving him. so he gets daily pounded over the head. and she and the cycle continues where he does things it try to get out of the control. and it makes it all worse. so she needs to be forgiving.
9:40 am
but not forgetting. and the way to do that is they both sit down and make a list of what would make them each more comfortable. and he has to be willing to give over on the transparency. so you know, if you're going to cheat, you better be very transparent after that. meaning she comes along with other dates or he tells where he is. and she needs to make a list of what would make her comfortable. and if he can comply with that list, they can move on. >> they have work to do together, clearly. next, a skype question from brady in madison, wisconsin. brady, are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> go ahead, ask your question to gail. >> gail, i'm 32, i've been married for three years and we have a 16-month-old son. i go to school full time online and i work part-time outside of our home. so i'm at home with our child more than he is. he does most of the cooking, but it seems like he gets to go out more and gets to do stuff outside the home more than i do and it turns into a big fight and it keeps recurring. how do i get us to stop fighting over this and get him to understand i need to get outside the home, too?
9:41 am
>> right. that's a common problem. >> this is a common problem. and when you have young children, it can be the most stressful part of the marriage for just these kinds of reasons. what's really important, brady, is you want to have him spend more time with his son. not just because you get out from under and get some more fun time. but because he needs that father-son bond. but if you always cap it late by saying, he wants me, i'm going to take him, which is what happens, the husband gives up. he sort of moves away. he goes fishing. he does what he wants to do. so you have to basically say -- we're going to work on this together as a plan. you're going to spend more time with your son. and even if he's complaining, he's going to be with you. so you need to disappear a little. do some fun things. say, this is the father-son time. and to, you know, go on some dates together. as well. to, because you can't count on your spouse to give you happiness. you have to seek those happinesses yourself. >> and finally, i think we have time for one more email question. this one has to do with
9:42 am
finances. and our viewer writes, we live in an affluent town with two kids and i make all of the money. we live paycheck to paycheck -- >> this is a hugely common problem right now. because people are trying to live above their means. getting a second job is just going to make you scrape by a little bitore and put that much stress on the marriage. honestly i know this sounds kind of harsh, but moving is less traumatic than divorce. for everybody. so if you lived, if you moved to an area frankly that was not so affluent, where you could make it on what you're doing and less pressure to be like the joness, it would change things dramatically. you cannot turn to your spouse to say -- you do it all and make it all work. you just going to amp up the stress between you. it's really time to decide to scale it back so that you can
9:43 am
actually -- >> what's best for the family. >> and the male-female roles here, when the wife makes more, which is also common right now can be a big problem. so look for ways that he can feel more masculine in the relationship and both of you will actually benefit from that. >> gail saltz, great advice as always, thanks so much. coming up next, cutting down on salt. not the saltz, but the salt in your diet. which of these meals is the same as eating 42 strips of bacon? we'll tell you right after this. of your world and hungry e and the online tools to help you face any situation. which means 'darn right you can goo the dinner party' and still loose weight. and learn how to keep it off. join for free now. sorry hungry, you're not invited. but you are, join for free today and change your life. weight watchers. stop dieting. start living. but you are, join for free today and change your life. ♪ (announcer) right now, all over the country, discover customers are getting
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9:47 am
can be bad to your health, contributing to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. so what do you do when salt strikes? we've got david, the author of the popular "eat this not that" series and he joins us now. >> good to see you, ann. >> you're always trying to take the fun out of things, david. but the reality is this is serious business. >> we should get about 2400 milligrams of salt a day. in some cases it's easy to get 12,000, as we'll show here. a healthy diet is all about balance. but these days, if you don't know what's in the food you're eating, you end up with a diet that's about as balanced as the cast of "jersey shore." so you need a guide book. >> you had to go there. 2400 is actually at the top end. you think that people should have less in their life. >> ideally it would be 1500. >> that's how much out of sync we are. >> yes. >> you've gone to denny's and made an order here of somethi you say is a salt attack. >> this is another morning in the salt mines here at denny's.
9:48 am
it's a meatlovers scramble. it should be renamed the mee your maker. this thing has 3200 milligrams of sodium and 1100 calories. to put it into perspective, that's like sodium equivalent of 11 small bags of potato chips. it would be like eating this whole bowl. >> and you say instead have this? what's the difference here? >> it's a great difference. you're at denny's, you get the ultimate omelette. it has salsa in it which is a great salt alternative. you're saving 2500 milligrams of sodium. and it's only 670 calories. >> the take-away is using spices rather than salt to make the food really good. because the salsa is really flavor, but you don't need the salt as a result. >> not at all. >> let's move to chili's. i would order this, i'd be worried about the breading on top of the salad. but i would think a salad with chicken would make a good idea. >> this shouldn't even be called a salad. this thing right here has
9:49 am
4400 -- >> you're tough. >> it has 4400 milligrams of sodium. it's the sodium -- and 1100 calories. the sodium equivalent of having 12 large orders of french fries. >> i can have all of this instead? wow! >> no, that's just -- >> that's just to put it into perspective. with salads like that who even needs dessert or appetizers. >> the crazy thing is you've picked something with a caesar's dressing. >> i would say no caesar's dressing -- >> when you go to chili's, you've got to get the side caesar. anything with "side" will keep you low on calories. this is 550 milligrams of salt. which is a caesar worth hailing. >> now we've gone to blimpie's, this is a turkey and bacon, 12-inch super-stack. >> too big. >> it's a turkey terror, this thing has 5200 milligrams of sodium. >> is it from the turkey? >> it's all the deli meats have to be preserved.
9:50 am
they use a lot of salt in this case, an abundance of salt. which gives it that. so it'sed sodium equivalent of nine cups of chex mix. >> you like these visual comparisons. >> it drives the point home. when you go to blimpie, if you get something like the six-inch tuna, what's going to happen is you're only going to have 776 milligrams of sodium. so you'll end up saving 4500 milligrams of sodium, two days' worth. >> you've gone to on the border. >> yeah. >> this is the saltiest appetizer. this is the firecracker stuffed jalapenos. this is only appetizing if you're a pharmaceutical company. this has 6500 milligrams of sodium. 6500. so it's three days. and you haven't even moved -- >> three days worth of salt. >> yes and you haven't moved to your entree yet. it's so baffling to get the same amount of salt, you would have to have 650 pringles.
9:51 am
>> my lord. >> that's what you would have to eat to get that appetizer. and it has 2,000 calories. so you get a day's worth of calories and it's just an appetiz appetizer. >> get the chips and salsa if you to on the border. salsa is really a very solid condiment because the fresh tomatoes provide taste and nutrition. >> okay, now you've sav the best or not, maybe the best for last. pf change's a double hand-fried noodles with pork. that looks like it should have a lot of salt. >> china should stop fighting with google and go after pf change chang's for the salt. this has 7900 milligrams of sodium. >> that's enough for a week. >> it's crazy. why? it doesn't need to be like this. it's 42 strips of bacon. that's the salt equivalent. if you have something like this. i mean, just take it outside and spread it on the sidewalk to melt the ice. don't eat it. i mean it's kind of crazy. so --
9:52 am
>> instead, this is the good alternative. >> the salmon steamed with ginger. what's cool about this, ginger aids in digestion and it's a nice, flavorful option that's going to save you 7,000 milligrams of sodium. >> in all of the cases, what i notice the simpler the food, the better. the more complicated, mixed-up things with stuff in it, that's where you get into trouble. david ziczenko. thanks so much. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
lucky us to be sitting on the couch next to the blonde babes, kathie lee gifford and kristen chenowith. >> our joy fit person lost 216 pounds. >> two of me. >> three, almost. and barry manilow.
9:55 am
oh, my gosh, he's back so we've got a great hour. >> can't wait to see you. >> welcome. >> have fun.
9:56 am
at this hour, it is the calm after the storm, still cloudy skies out there.
9:57 am
our time is now 9:55. good morning, everyone. in the news today, thousands of people in our area are in the dark this morning. here's a look at some of the damage in potomac, maryland. dominion power says at least 7,300 of its customers have no electricity, that situation simm proving there. for the latest on the weather let's go to tom. >> the power outages caused by some strong gusty winds this morning, gusting at 50 miles an hour. most of the moderate to heavy rain we have had is exiting the region. all of this is moving off to the north and east and pulling away. and later today we'll have our temperatures dropping, right now near 60 degrees, into the 40s tonight, and 30s tomorrow
9:58 am
morning. >> an accident just reported 270 southbound at shady gro road. and 395 northbound to the 14th street bridge looking much better. looks like the pavement may even be drying out. >> but it's not as bad as you expected, was. >> it nope. captions paid for by
9:59 am
10:00 am
nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television it's a rainy, dreary monday here in new york. it's the 25th of january. but look at the sunshine god sent us today. >> both of us. >> i tell you, kristin chenoweth is here, because hoda is sunning herself down in the florida keys. >> yeah, that must suck for her. >> yeah. i talked to her over the weekend. she's doing great. >> and look how many fans i brought out today. >> you can bring out the fan. >> the security -- hi. >> that's walter. hi to walter. we want to catch up with you first before we go into what's going on over the weekend. you've been hanging out, doing work with wiener, working for
10:01 am
the great oscar meyer company, trying to do some good, feeding america. >> yes. how exciting this has been. >> what is this? >> basically it's where people are taught a dance and one starts and then they join in slowly, slowly. >> and it becomes like a cong a-line? >> yes. we're doing it at the grove. random people are standing around. let me tell you what we're doing. i am working with oscar meyer brand to launch the good mood mission, through feed america. that day oscar meyer donated 1 million pounds. we're asking america -- >> that's a lot of wieners. >> that's a lot of food, lot of deli sliced ham. >> you can't say wiener. i can. it's a word i like. >> i don't blame you. >> they make all kinds of other products, too. >> yes, they do. >> sadly, people are hungry. this is the greatest country in the world in terms of our blessings. >> and i want to not forget us. >> we're off doing great work in
10:02 am
haiti. >> we are. >> america takes her knocks but no country goes out there first and foremost and gives up their aabundance to people. >> they've donated 1 million and are asking america to do it. it's easy. if you can do it, i can do it. >> what does that mean? >> why, i ought to -- go to tell them what makes you happy. >> i would say kristin chenoweth makes me happy. then what, give money? >> no, they give it. >> sara, would you do that? >> mine would be botox. just kidding. >> not sure it's good news for botox. have you ever had a bad review? >> oh, well, now i just will probably get one. >> no, no, she has never had a bad review. >> you know wha i did in oklahoma once be when i
10:03 am
played annie. they said i was never any good. >> and you would never go anywhere. >> there you go. >> back on broadway with sean hayes, so brilliant in "promises promises," which has never been done again on broadway. >> they did in '68. this is the first revival. opening night, i want you girls there. >> we are there, girlfriend. >> perfect. over the weekend, you might have known there were a few football games. aryou a fan? >> i am but i'm a giants fan. >> slap me, baby. i was very happy for the jets going into the playoffs. >> me, too, and representing new york. >> mark sanchez i think has a huge future new york. >> i have to tell you why i'm a saints plan, because i'm a fan of prince. >> he's obsessed. >> he wrote a song. >> is it a great song? >> who cares? who cares?
10:04 am
♪ the purple and gold >> in the name of purple and gold. >> it doesn't sound like prince to me. >> it's like a choir. it's a church choir. >> sounds like "sesame street." >> it does. >> all right. so, they didn't make it, though. >> prince, i want to say, i'm sorry that your team didn't win. there's always next year. >> always next year for everybody. as you know, hoda spent a lot o years down in new orleans and the saints did defeat the vikings 31-28 in overtime. hoda is down at my place in the keys and i think we have a picture of her. yep. drinking my booze, eating my food. if she drops anything on my white -- my brand new white sofa, i am going to have to hurt her. >> i hope that's scotch guarded. >> they're so great. you take off the slip covers and throw them in. how crazy are you to have a white sofa? >> that makes me rethink my couch. >> it's so chic and clean looking.
10:05 am
speaking of chic and clean and flat, botox dangers now, officials are fearing that this toxic ingredient in botox, a botchlism, could become a terrorist tool and somehow funding attacks beginning -- i don't know. possible illegal factories in chchnya and elsewhere are turning out raw -- i can't say the word. bochulinum and selling it on the market. >> if they can create a poisoned botox, go ahead and blow me up now. >> because you can't live without it? >> i suffer from migraines. >> so serious that you almost had to retire? >> yes. the lights -- of course, the flashing lights which isn't good for me -- >> hey, you wanted to be in show business, baby. >> i get three shots right there and i was very nervous about it because i'm an actress. i need to be able to move my face. without that, i would have to not sing or perform.
10:06 am
>> she had crippling, crippling migraines where you literally would have to crawl off the set. >> yes, intermission, concert or press line, they flash, flash, flash. >> yes. >> i don't know what i would do. >> it's a godsend for you. >> it is. that makes me want to kick al qaeda's butt right there. >> one more reason. >> thank you. we had a big telethon that was carried on all the networks and everything. george clooney just gets better and better and sexier. i never met him. i just adore him. what do you think? >> i wouldever kick him out of bed for eating crackers. >> or eating anything at all. they took in $74 million and he was in l.a. and wyclef jean was in new york. you were asked to do it. >> i had to prerecord for "glee" so i couldn't show up. >> how are you loving your life these days? you have all the wieners, you're on "glee," they cleaned up at the s.a.g. awards. >> loving "glee." >> he really has his pulse on --
10:07 am
he didnip/tuck long before people were thinking about that. >> i wonder if he'll do the b botox story. >> that's on its last year, right? >> yes. >> guess who might be on their last legs, brad and angelina. hope it's not true. all those children. >> how do you feel about people reporting things we don't know for sure? >> i don't like it, obviously. i've been the butt of it myself, personally. i wish everybody all the best. >> me, too. >> there are certain avenues where you get information that has more validity than other areas. >> right. >> and there are some valid areas that this is coming from. so, we're just hoping it's not true. hey, you know what? say it is true and they're on the rocks a little bit. there still is hope for every relationship. >> you can tell that their kids are their priority. you can tell that, i think. and so, you know, all i do is just pray for their family and just think good thoughts for those children, because they've got to be good parents and
10:08 am
that's their priority. >> yes, i know. but you know how selfish we can be as adults. you've never gotten married, have you? >> no. >> come close? >> i have been the runaway bride twice. what does that say about me? unhealth sni. >> no, to me you're smarter than the people who got married and it ended in divorce. >> that's partly true but i thought i was young and now i think i would be ready. i'm ready now. >> hit a higher note than that right now. even higher. that is amazing. >> it just comes out. >> i know that. it's frightening, actually. but you're so popular. over to sara haines. >> you two are a dangerous pair. >> i know. >> at what age did you know you wanted to be a singer and actress? >> it sounds weird to say but i got my start in church. i was given a solo and evidently my parents are both chemical
10:09 am
engineers and they basically just said,ood luck with that. we don't really understand it and they've been supportive ever since. i started there. >> i met your mom and dad. >> yes. >> if anybody is mid western in the best sense of the word, it's your mom and dad. >> oh, god, kathie lee. >> they are so darling. you are so blessed. >> they love you so much. >> same back at you. sara, we'll see you later in the show. a gorgeous new cd out, there he is, mr. music, mr. barry manilow. i feel like he lives here. we'll be right back. he has a song for us.
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
just a little behind the scenes talk. we cannot tell you what we were saying. >> it was bad. >> barry manilow is here. we would be remiss if we didn't mention his consecutive top 40 hits he has had. >> one of my top five favorite performers of all time. >> oh, thank you. >> who are the other four?
10:13 am
>> tell you later. he's getting ready to release the greatest love songs of all time, his new cd, which hits stores tuesday. can't wait to hear it. >> you came a day ahead. >> i did. >> thank you. >> we've been through the decades with you. >> right. >> of all of them, i think this would have been the hardest of all to choose. there are none of your own on here, right? >> no. this is the most challenging album i've ever made. how do you do these great, famous songs and make them fresh? >> or just choose the 12 you're going to do, barry. >> the choosing wasn't that difficult. >> really? >> i had an ensiek lcyclopedia the size of an encyclopedia, i picked out 12 of them, clive picked out 13 or 14. that wasn't that difficult. it was the arranging and figuring out how to render these songs we've heard all of our lives and before. how do you make them fresh?
10:14 am
>> you call yourself more an arranger than a singer, which is amazin >> but that's why you have the career that you have -- had, barry, because as great a singer as you are, you know how important the arrangement is. >> i do. i was on "american idol." you were just on "american idol." i try to tell these kids that they have to make these songs their own. >> yes. >> they can't wait for the piano player to put b flat "what the world needs now" and sing it. >> sinatra would always say this sarngt by so-and-so and always gave them credit. >> they respected arrangers, always singing the same songs over and over. they had to make a different version of something. >> that somebody else had done. >> and the singer/songwriters. now i've got the greatest love songs of all time. >> volume i, come on. >> there's going to be more. >> i have that challenge. how do i take "you made me love
10:15 am
you" and make it different. >> you did, though. it's beautifully arranged. >> i have to know this. what's your favorite track. >> of this album? >> uh-huh. >> the last cut on the album. in this encyclopedia, i started off with 1800s, and in 1898 there was a song called "when you were sweet 16." do you know this song? >> no, i just heard it. i have never heard that one before. >> it's so sweet, someone is saying i love you now as i love you when you were sweet 16. it closes the album. >> who wrote it? >> isn't it beautiful? >> who wrote it? >> a guy named jim thornton. >> he has been dead 300 years. >> over 100 years old. >> he'll be thrilled you like his song. >> yeah. i wish i could tell him. >> over 100 years old and still moving to me. >> that's why it's classic. i'm so glad you did this album, barry. >> johnny mercer's trunk, his wife said he could have all these lyric. >> what? >> you know that song "and when
10:16 am
october goes." >> yeah. ♪ and when october goes >> he wrote thatwith johnny mercer's lyrics. >> you don't even know what today means to me. you don't. you don't. it's really a special thing. you know, "mandy," all the old classics that you do are amazing but this album is so important, because i want young people to hear these old songs. >> that's what clive keeps saying. he says both of us have this responsibility to keep these songs into the world. >> yes, you do. >> that's why we did this. >> and a new show to put together. you're coming back to the paris ♪ movin on up >> barry is going to stick around. we're looking forward to hearing him sing. and i know you are, too. but next, trouble in maybe pitt and joely land. >> pitt and jolie. >> all the buzz, right after this.
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
it's monday, which means it's time for "today's" buzz, the place you come when you need to fill up on all the water cooler talk. >> easy for you to say. bonnie fuller is chief editor of
10:20 am and roseanne paletti. >> good to see you, ladies. s.a.g. awards over the weekend, haiti telethon. >> and betty white, how great was she? >> she said it was the epitome of her career at 88 years old. >> the nicest woman in the world. >> yes. >> i adore -- we all have worked with her and we all love her. >> and she's my height. >> and she was very funny, getting off that remark about sandra bullock, saying she did very well for a plain girl. >> but there is some sad news. how legitimate do you think this news is about angelina and brad? >> it's the most kind of credible report i've ever seen of this kind of speculation. >> there's been rumors of this for years. >> yes, but this was very detailed. $400 million deal, that they've seen lawyers, already signed an agreement, that the kids are going to live with angie. i hope it's not true. >> me too. they're such -- they seem like they've made it work. >> this speculation has gone
10:21 am
back to thanksgiving. >> yes. >> even the summer, right, when she was doing a film and something about her dialogue coach and there was talk about that. >> yes, though he has denied it. there's a report she had an affair with her dialogue coach. >> doesn't everybody? >> does everybody have an affair? >> everybody needs a good dialogue coach at night at 10:00 pm with some wine. >> that's when you get your best work done. >> i see. now the inside scoop here. >> that's just a rumor, we must say. >> that's right. >> in fact, the dialogue coach has come out and denied the rumor. >> that it wasn't him. >> that's right. there were other dialogue coaches. >> you have to look at the history -- >> how many languages does she speak? sorry. >> i don't know. >> you have to look at people's history, though. to think that these two people might have found each other after all of their colorful backgrounds and then been soul mates for the rest of their lives, it's kind of rare. >> and the stress -- it is rare and the stress of two big hollywood careers, six children in five years. it's a lot. >> there's something to be said
10:22 am
for being patient, waiting to see how things work out, you know. >> uh-huh. >> rushing into stuff. i don't want to sound like i'm judgy mcjudgerson. i've had stuff written about me. >> you sure have. i look like i'm ten times bigger than you. >> i'm your mini me. >> would you put this woman on a book or something? >> i have to have that to drive, but -- >> meantime, hollywood marriages that are working. sandra bullock, she said i want you. you're hot, jesse james. >> she waited a long, long time. >> she did. dated a whole stream of guys. >> yeah, great guys. >> did you see his tears in his eyes? >> it was very sweet. >> the whole world is pulling for her. she's done such great work for so long and so many people are fond of her personally plus she looks so much like me in that movie. but anyway -- anyway, what else is going on, ladies? >> good news. >> that's good for a change. >> help for haiti, raised over $58 million.
10:23 am
incredible turnout, money still pouring in. >> what did you think about the performances? >> the stars weren't really named. it wasn't about me. it was about the cause. they wore somber colors and it was a serious tone. >> they manned the phones. >> julia roberts didn't wear a stitch of makeup. >> i couldn't do it that day because i was working. they said wear whatever you want and i was like, i don't really want to do my hair and makeup, just show up as me and do it. >> that's what people did. >> i love that. >> i don't know how much time we have left. i want to talk about tiger. we heard new that is maybe elin is visiting him? >> part of the program is that you have to visit the spouse, have disclosure day and hear all about the indiscretions. apparently she was there over the weekend and has just gone back. >> hope for the marriage. >> apparently the divorce is off. that's what we're hearing. >> really? >> she's going to give him a chance. >> we shall see. did you see any of conan's final show? >> yes, i did. >> what were your thoughts? >> i thought he went out in a classy fashion.
10:24 am
>> absolutely. >> thanking nbc for all the years he spent with the network. i thought it was a nicer ending than the way he started out. >> should he reimburse nbc for all the money he spent? >> he's getting criticism for that, kathie lee. >> to be squandering a network's money. >> do we know that's absolute fact? >> yeah, we know it around here. we can't have certain songs sung over 15 seconds or you pay an enormous amount of money. you know you can't sing "happy birthday." >> yeah, you have to pay, trust me. >> you have to pay a fortune. >> thank you, ladies. we'll be back with what to do with your skin.
10:25 am
10:26 am
coming up today at midday. >> is the rain moving out and are these warm temperatures going to stick around? we'll have the latest on our strange morning of weather that knocked out power and flooded roadways. good morning. also coming up on news4 midday, if you have ever flown out of dulles, you're familiar with those mobile loungers.
10:27 am
♪ many thousand people ♪ living all here together ♪ ♪ on my island in the sand ♪ ♪ where the beaches are ♪ ♪ just as white as snow ♪ ♪ and the people live...♪ is every song in aruba about friendship and happiness ? what about themes like "broken hearts" "losing your house" and "growing old alone" ? ♪ ...peace and harmony ♪ ♪ sha la-la, la-la-la ♪ ♪ la-la-la ♪ sha la-la, la-la-la... ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this monday with more of "today" and a topic year, keeping winter skin soft. >> there's nothing fun about dry, cracked lips, which i have, and sensitive red skin, which i have. >> we asked malry roncal to stop by to help us keep our skin looking good all winter long. >> blonds everywhere. >> three models we're going to look at. in essence, what are we looking at? >> in essence, as we all know, it is rough in the wintertime. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. pile it on at night. don't be afraid. >> there's so many products. >> how do you decide? >> i don't pile it on because i don't want to saturate my skin. >> absolutely not. try it on, see what works for
10:31 am
u. sleep with it, sleep with a humidifier. >> i do. >> put it in your system as well? >> absolutely. >> i slather this on, the vaseline every single night. >> is that good for you? >> one of the best moisturizers in the world. >> i'm doing it tonight. >> give it a shot. all over the face. now wee got our first model, betiful erica. here is the scoop. i'll lean in front of you real quick. the nose, right? are we going to go there? we all know what happens. you're blowing, it's chapped. it's funky, it's red. you look like rudolph. >> embarrassing. >> the season is over, honey. do a mild exfoliator. >> emphasis on mild, because you can do some damage to your skin. >> you got it. go for a calming product, something with cucumber that will cool it. take away the redness. then use a primer. >> what is that? everybody says that.
10:32 am
i never know what it means. >> it locks in your moisturizer and also it creates a cool canvas, a smooth canvas, i mean, that you can put the makeup on and it will look smooth. >> is that the same as aoner? >> little bit different. >> like a moisturizer sort of? >> exactly. put your moisturizer on and it literally seals in the product, exactly, and creates that smooth canvas. >> look. >> fills in fine lines and wrinkles. this is a concealer. i'm aye put that moisturizer on. i put that primer on and now i'm using a great concealer that's taking away the redness and literally is going to make it look like it's not red or funky. >> any product, right? >> yeah. >> you don't -- >> you've got it. >> we think of concealer as under our eye. >> exactly, but you can use it to cover up any ss, set it with a powder foundation. that's beefier than just a powder and it will give more coverage. >> good to know. >> let's spend one minute with each lady if we can. >> now we have to fly. great vazline. >> it's a wonder thing.
10:33 am
>> who knew? >> slather it on all over your lips, take a wet washcloth, the best way to exfoliate. i've done it on every superstar in the world, i've done it. it really takes away all of that redness. >> in here too? >> yes, girl. >> globs. do you know when it globs up on people, i can't look at anything but the glob going up and down. >> thank you. pay no attention to the glob. exactly. so then you want to do a great primer, anything -- lip balm is a great primer. >> i don't do all this. >> i know, girl. >> primer and -- >> a little exfoliator. >> before, that seals the -- >> that's the primer for the face. >> okay. >> you also want to prime the lips. >> that's the key. >> here you go. lori geller makes this amazing lip gloss, y'all, that has a fantastic spf in it. don't forget. >> you can get your lips sunburned. >> right here. i love it. >> blistex? >> nivea, and they have tinted ones, too.
10:34 am
>> finally, gorgeous little kim. winter makeup just because it's winter doesn't mean we have to be like a little -- you have to go there. >> what do you mean? >> soft makeup and then let that lip pop. >> look at that. >> you want that gorgeous lip. go for it. beautiful, beautiful soft eye. don't forget a little bronzer. bronzer is great in the winter. our skin totally looks kind of flat and funky. >> you haven't done at all is lip liner. >> yeah. >> is anybody lip lining anymore or is it out? >> no, lip lining is our friend. it makes our lips look -- >> but don't go too -- >> match your lip tone exactly so it looks like your lip but bigger. >> all right. thank you so much and thanks to all our lovely ladies. up next, how the newest member of the joy fit club lost -- think of this, 216 pounds that. is three kristin's. really. >> that is three of me. that and more, right after this, you guys.
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
it's time to go back to our "look at me now" and the induction of our newest member of the joy fit club. >> 26-year-old jonathan bates, and he has lost an amazing 216 pounds. >> we'll meet him in a moment. it was his wife, melissa, who wrote to tell us about her husbd's journey. here is what she had to say. >> my name is melissa bates and i want to introduce you to my husband, jonathan.
10:39 am
we met in high school. and at 6'4", everyone knew him as the big guy. but, to me, he was always my teddy bear. he enjoyed activities, such as football and the equestrian team. but, most of all, he loved to cook, driven by his love to eat. we marrie shortly after high school. and he vowed to lose the weight. but with the stress of life and work, it was always put on the back burner. shopping together was no longer fun. he could only fit into clothing in the big and tall section. not exactly fashionable for a guy in his 20s. most importantly, his personality changed. he was no longer the confident and fun person i met in high school. in august of 2007, jonathan stepped on the scale and it read 420 pounds. that was his turning point, where he decided to make a change. he started eating healthier and he substituted all you can eat
10:40 am
buffets for smaller portions and now is training for his first triathlon. i'm so proud of the progress he has made, and it's only made our marriage stronger. >> what a fabulous story. jonathan's wife, melissa, is here with us along with the leader of our joy fit club, joy bauer. great to see both of you ladies. i put kristin next to you, joy, because you are one inch taller than she is. >> i am loving this. i'm the tall one. >> you can wear your flats. >> melissa, it was you who got your husband involved in this. tell us about that. >> i did. i watch the joy fit club a lot on the "today" show. i watch the "today" show all the time, actually. and, you know, at the end of the segment it says if you know anybody who deserves to be a part of this. and i thought -- it was back in august, and he already lost pretty much the majority of his weight. so i thought he definitely deserves -- has done a lot of hard work and has been very, very determined. so i figured he had to be part
10:41 am
of it. >> that's so sweet. >> such a special woman. the amount and what -- >> happy go lucky, big galute of a guy that ate gigantic portions. >> that's the key, right? >> from jonathan, normal size portion of cereal is 3/4 cup. he would have a large bowl at 440 calories and you can imagine the more cereal, the more milk, the more o.j. you're drinking with it. everything grows exponentially. salad dressing, standard portion is two tablespoons, 150 calories. he was having eight tablespoons, though, at 600 calories. and it's over 60 grams of fat, which is more than you need in an entire day. he was getting in just one salad. >> same thing with pasta. >> pasta, be one cup cooked. again, easy 210 calories. nice and appropriate. he was eating four cups cooked, way over 800 calories. >> it came off, didn't it? now we'll see the picture of
10:42 am
jonathan from before. >> can't wait. >> let's bring the brand new jonathan. >> oh, my gosh! >> he is gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can't believe it's the same person. >> look at you. >> jonathan, congratulations. >> thank you. >> when you look at the picture -- >> melissa, that's your husband! >> do you remember that guy? >> vaguely. >> how much had you felt at the time that you had lost your whole sense of self to the weight? >> you know, it just -- slowly, slowly took over and it just slowly kept tacking on, tacking on. >> what about melissa, do you think she had a lot to do with your success? >> you're allowed to look at her. >> we'll bring her over here. >> she was always a great help, cause we made some major changes in our diet and she was always
10:43 am
there, allowing me to change our diet here and there. >> you know what you know? this woman loves you. >> yes. >> you should see her eyes. >> he does races now. do you know within seven months he had dropped 100 pounds and then -- >> triathlon. >> if he can do it, anybody can do i right, jonathan? >> yes. >> if you know someone who should be inducted into the joy fit club head to
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
if cold weather and rainy days has your family singing nothing but the blue this is month, we'll help you change their tune. >> the editor at large for and has the cure for cabin fever. >> nice to see you again. >> great to see you guys. >> you've come upith some fun stuff but what got our attention right away -- >> we start the morning.
10:48 am
>> doesn't everybody have one of these around? >> first thing to do is stop saving pinatas for birthdays, handmade in idaho. birch angel, she makes these out of recycled materials, they're totally eco. if you don't want to equip your children with sticks, civilized form of pinata. only one of the strings will pull the bottom out. do you want to do the honors? everybody takes a turn pulling and then -- >> like a hair extension. hooray! >> don't tell them ahead of the time it's the curly one. >> don't mark it ahead of time. >> miss brittany's organic fun dough. the colors are vibrant. this is a little less exciting than a pinata but more creative. it doesn't smell like chemicals. >> thank goodness. >> challenge your kids to make the most creative thing they can
10:49 am
think of. come with his roller pin, some shapes. >> i did weird things with this when i was a child. really weird. some day i'm going to write about it, but not yet. >> moving right along -- we'll get to the bottom of that later. >> i won't tell you what i did with spam. >> what about cheese whiz. >> see, cheese whiz. >> this segment is taking a turn for the crazy. >> i ow. >> these blocks are magnetic. so, if you are -- >> stop it. >> it's okay. it's okay. these are made with sustainable hardwoods and they're magnetic. >> these are my kind of legos. not legos, but -- >> they're meant to last a lifetime. magnets, there's not that frustration of putting the last piece on -- >> this won't let me do it. >> and when you want to clean up, you go -- >> easy breezy. you have to see this. the future designer,, your kid can draw
10:50 am
any design and they make it into a fury creature for $79.99. >> talk about creating your own best friend. >> very, very cool. >> anything you can think of. project of the month club let's someone else do the hard work to get the gear together. >> they send it to you in a kit? >> yes, all the materials you need. do something crafty, something for the future builder. and they send it once a month, once a quarter. >> nice. >> color in some placemats for the person who wants to help you set the table. you can actually use them. >> i would like that. >> that is a great idea. >> letter for -- they go through the whole alphabet with animal. >> really cute. >> it helps everybody participate. animal hands. these are so fun. we didn't put these on from it's a temporary tattoo. >> you put them on your arm or your hand? >> they make your hand into a character. >> oh, moo a character. very cute. >> smart. >> $6.95. you could make up a whole series of plays. >> you're actually making us like winter. >> right? it's going to be so much more fun. bring in the older kids with
10:51 am
classic board games, they're coming back, affordable. everyone knows how to play them. operation was a noisy one. >> banana grams. >> i never heard of them. >> you sunk my battleship. >> all right. thank you so much. up next, barry manilow sings a love song. first this is "today" on n
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
first of all, i love hoda and miss you but i absolutely adored being with you today. you're not only a pro but a great, great lady. >> thank you. thank you for guiding me today. i had a blast. >> you have to come back. every two years, hoda takes a vacation. tomorrow, famed choreographer behind "dancing with the stars" and sharon osbourne will be sitting in your
10:55 am
seat, baby. >> she'll have to take like this now. >> first, barry manilow. here he is. ♪ you made me love you i didn't want to do it i didn't want to do it ♪ ♪ you made me love you and all the time you knew it i guess you always knew it ♪ ♪ you made me happy sometimes you made me glad zblrchlts but there were times dear you made me feel so bad ♪ ♪ you made me sigh cause i
10:56 am
didn't want to tell you i didn't want to tell you i think you're grand that's true yes i do indeed i do you know i do ♪ ♪ i can't tell you what i'm feeling the very mention of yo name sends my heart reeling ♪ ♪ you know you made me love you ♪ ♪ you made me sigh cause i didn't want to tell you i didn't want to tell you i think you're grand that's true
10:57 am
yes i do deed i do you know i do ♪ ♪ give me, give me, give me what i cry for you know you got the brand of kisses that i'd die for you know you made me love you ♪
10:58 am
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